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Nov 18, 2019

TalentMind People adds downloadable insights and functionality for mobile web

TalentMind People adds downloadable insights and functionality for mobile web

At TalentMind, we’re always looking for ways to make the lives of human resource professionals much easier and more efficient, which is why we’ve launched several key features including richer employee insights on TalentMind People, and new functions for the mobile web.

Users with admin access can now log into TalentMind People and easily access employee attendance, and time-in & time-out data, along with daily and monthly summaries of the mentioned data points, and easily download all this data. This ensures HR professionals have an easy way to view, manage, extract and analyze employee attendance trends and data, on a micro and macro level.

Additionally, the mobile web version of TalentMind People now accommodates leave management and requests, which employees can leverage on. Previously limited to just the desktop web version of TalentMind People, the new functionality allows employees to approve or apply for leave, check and manage leave status, and view leave request history, anytime, anywhere.

We believe that technology paves the way for more efficient and effective work for HR professionals, and we do it through a single platform.

TalentMind People is a human resource information system that offers human resource professionals with key human resource management (HRM) functions and insights including leave and absence management, time tracking, an employee database, organization chart and employee calendar.

With these data points, TalentMind People effectively positions required data for human resource professionals to leverage on, ultimately driving efficient and effective means for HR professionals to excel.

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