Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AnyMind Group (hereafter referred to as “AnyMind”) is providing an HR software including an applicant tracking system, which enables employers to have a smart recruiting process.(hereafter referred to as “TalentMind”) has established this Privacy Policy and a personal information management system as AnyMind fully understand the importance of the privacy protection. AnyMind and its subsidiaries are firmly committed to protecting the privacy of users and fostering user confidence in conserving the user data in TalentMind.

Personal Information Protection Policy

1. AnyMind will specify the purposes of use of the personal information to the extent of our business domain, and properly handle the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve such purposes. AnyMind will take measures to ensure the prevention of any use of the personal information other than for the intended purposes of use.

2. AnyMind will obtain personal information only through legitimate and appropriate means.

3. When managing personal information, AnyMind will take any necessary measures to ensure the prevention and correction of any leakage, loss or damage of the personal information, as well as the otherwise secure management of the personal information.

4. AnyMind has a section for dealing with the complaints, questions and feedbacks concerning the protection of personal information, and immediately responds to such complaints,questions and feedbacks.

Purpose of use of personal information

AnyMind shall use personal information only for the following purposes, and shall not use any personal information beyond these purposes of use:

a)To verify the authority of the user for the access to TalentMind.

b)To provide to the specific company based on the prior acknowledgement.

c)To respond to comments and inquiries received.

d)To aggregate anonymized data for statistics to offer a better service

Voluntary Nature of provision of personal information

TalentMind requests users to provide personal information that is necessary to accomplish the purpose of use. If a user fails to provide the specific information to TalentMind, such user may not be able to use the Services.

Provision of personal information to third parties

AnyMind, in principle, does not provide any third party with any users’ personal information without the consent of such users.In the case that AnyMind provides third parties with personal information, AnyMind shall select the trusted business entity who have the severe protection rules of users’ personal information to observe and make an prompt agreement with the business entity. However, AnyMind may provide personal information without the user's consent within the scope not conflicting with related laws and regulations, where any of the following applies:

a)To share the anonymized information as a data where the personal information cannot be detected.

b)To outsource personal information handling work in part or in whole.

c)To disclose the personal information to a court, public prosecutor's office, police or any other organization having similar authority based on the request.

d)To provide in connection with a business succession due to merger or otherwise, to the extent that the personal information is handled within the scope of the purposes of use applicable prior to such succession.

e)When it is permitted by law or regulations to disclose or provide the personal information.

Modifications,deletion,correction or etc, of personal information

In principle, only the user himself/herself can request any disclosure or correction of, addition to, or deletion or suspension of his/her registered personal information, or the provision thereof to third parties. AnyMind shall immediately comply with those requests. However, AnyMind will not necessarily comply with the requests in the case that those requests conflict with the legitimated rules and lows ,and AnyMind can not identify the user authority.

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