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May 1, 2018

After candidates enter the pipeline, you can start an interview process for each candidate. This article walks you through the interview management process. Before you go into interviews, I recommend to you that your interview plan and Scorecard are correctly set up.

Please refer to How does interview plan work and What is the fill-in example?/How does Scorecard work and What is the fill-in example?

Start the Interview process of a candidate

  • 1.Go to “Candidates”

  • 2.Select your Candidate that you want to make an interview

  • 3.On the "Stages" tab,Choose “Status”, to choose candidate’s status that corresponds to his/her interview process

  • 4.When you choose that status, the status area will be marked with blue highlight. Then, select “Schedule Interview”

  • 5.Edit all the information

  • 6.Click “Save”

manual image manual image manual image

Schedule an interview and tell that to interviewers

  • 1.Set the date for the interview

  • 2.Choose Interviewer (Must be login user)

  • 3.Select Mail Template

    (if you don’t set an Email Template yet, you can customize it manually)

  • 4.Choose Email address

  • 5.CC (if any)

  • 6.Put your subject

    (If you already set Email Template, you can skip this section)

  • 7.Insert Text for remind to an interviewer

    Note:You can use the variable lists that will be replaced into the categorized items of candidates,companies or competency test.

  • 8.Tick in Send remind email, in order to send this email

  • 9.Click “Save”

manual image

Note: The email type you can send here is reminder emails to interviewers. So you can not send emails to candidates from here.The Email template type used here is “[For company] interview invitation”.You can edit it on "Interview plans"in the setting tab.

Please also refer to “How does the email template work and What are the examples of it?” to know more about what kind of emails you can send and waht is the detail of valiable lists.

Leave the interview result

  • 1.Select “Input Scorecard” to put candidate rating.

    (Only interviewers who in charge in particular stage can add the rating and write a note in it. The other users can view the rating and note after interviewers put Scorecard. )

  • 2.Fill all rating based on the items you set on Scorecard after interviews finish

  • 3.Put any notes about the candidate

  • 4.Then click “Save”

manual image

When all the processes above has been finished in the first interview step, you can go to the next step and repeat the same processes again until you finish the selection process. (e.g. Application Review, Interview ,Interview 3...)

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