Integrate TalentMind with corporate career page



May 1, 2018

What is corporate career page integration?

Corporate Site integration is one of the integration functions that you can manage your company’s career post easily via TalentMind instead of using and collecting candidates data from a separated website. Once you connect TalntMind with your career page, the system will automatically reflect the latest job information on TalentMind and candidates from that page will be imported into TalentMind dashboard.

To set up this function, you can follow this instruction  

  • 1. Go to “Setting”

  • 2. Copy “Job Board URL”

  • 3. Open your website and get to the Job management dashboard

  • 4. Paste TalentMind Job Board URL into career page URL that is already existing on your website.

    Please ask an engineer who made your corporate page or who have the access to HTML code on your page.

  • manual image

    Note:This section might require technical skill, in order to finish this smoothly you can ask your company technical staff to adjust.

    If you already have the career page like above, users will get access to TalentMind application page directly once you finish the integration.

    Career page example (the design is provided)

    Application page example (the design is provided)

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