Steps for candidates to take competency tests & connect Facebook account



May 1, 2018

Candidates need to click the testlink that was shared by the employer or TalentMind. This article walks through the details steps for candidates to take competency tests connect with Facebook account.

  • 1.Candidates need to get the testlink from the employer that was generated on each job and get access.

  • 2.Click "Start with Facebook".

  • 3.Facebook will ask the access to the profile. (Tick all information access Continue)

  • 4.Start the Test that consists of 17 questions. (It would take approximately 5-7 min.)

  • 5.After finish, the page will show “Your Information” which has connected with Facebook.

  • 6.Check your Information Upload your Resume.

  • 7.Click “Submit”

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  • - Applicants can also do the test from Mobile Device.

  • - Applicants from job boards already have the resume attachment. It is unnecessary to let them upload the resume again.

  • - Once the candidate takes the test, the result of that test and Facebook’s profile will be taken over with the other job postings. So the candidate can take the test and connect with Facebook only one time.

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