How does our screening algorithm work?



May 1, 2018

TalentMind utilizes artificial intelligence to enable recruiters and human resource professionals to effortlessly discover the right candidates for any roles. TalentMindleverages on a candidate’s preferences and social footprint to ensure you find the right fit. AI-driven analysis and insights into your prospect pool and discover skills, interests, characteristics, and personality before speaking to the candidates. Our software use machine learning of AI to score the candidates. Their score helps you to prioritize the candidates to interview. By screening and scoring, TalentMind uses these solutions.


Recruiters can screen candidate’s qualification by using keyword include the skills and experiences specific to the particular job opening. If candidate’s resume contains the keywords or related keywords that employer wants, it will show on TalentMind’s job dashboard as a score. We pick up the keywords in the job descriptions and shows the matching degree with the resume on the candidate dashboard.

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Always reminded, our software can access resume in every format except photo format (e.g. .jpeg, .png, .BMP). And software can only analyze the resume type in English for now. Please be minded that we can not get access to the analytics if you upload the Thai language resume.

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Competency Test

Competency is a combination of skills, job attitude, and knowledge which is reflected in job behavior that can be observed, measured and evaluated. Competency is a determining factor for successful performance. TalentMind provides a Test to the candidate to screen more candidate’s competency information and perspective. Test link will send automatically to the candidate when they applied for a job from any Job boards. If your candidate does not respond to the Test link, recruiters can send it manually directly to the candidate via Email.

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Social Media

Now social media plays an increasingly important role. You might not know, 61% of employers conduct social screenings to look for information that supports a candidate's qualifications for the job. Also, with 84% of organizations are recruiting by using social media and 9% are planning to use it. manual image TalentMind provides you more function, in order to get more candidate’s information by access Candidate’s Social Media like Facebook. Our Software will crawl with the specific keywords, that includes basic details about education, work experience, and skills, even personal activity. The software will send you back by scoring candidate.

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Total score of candidates is a mixed score of candidates’ resume and personality analytics. We adopt the variety of score mixing logic depending on the type of their profession. You can choose the analytics type when you create the job.

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These tools are what TalentMind do with candidates to ensure you find the right fit for your company. Moreover, our software makes the recruitment process much more streamlined for recruiters, shortening the time it takes before a hiring manager contacts applicants who seem like good candidates for the job.   Note: Score ranking arranges from lower to higher or higher to lower. You can choose the scoring option by click at “Score”.

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