Calendar Sync-up and Process to schedule an interview with it



Jun 29, 2018

Users on TalentMind can integrate their online calendar system with TalentMind to simplify your interview set up processes. This manual walks you through how you can set up the interview with using the integrated calendar.

Integrate with an online calendar

  • 1. Go to “Integrations” tab from the top page.

  • 2. Choose the calendar system that you want to integrate and Click “Connect”

  • 3. Give the permission to have an access to your calendar schedule from TalentMind.

  • *TalentMind provides the integration with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.If you are using the other calendar systems, this integration is not applicable to your account.

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Send the emails to get the available time slots of a candidate

  • 1. Go to a specific candidate profile page with whom you want to interview.

  • 2. On the “Stages” tab, Click “Request Availability”in a stage.

  • 3. Email system will be shown up. Select “Interview Availability” template.

  • 4. In the default template, please make sure the {{AVAILABILITY_TIME_LINK}} placeholder has been included. That will be converted into the link to get the availability from a candidate. If that is not included, Please add that placeholder into the email.

  • 5. Edit the “From Address” and “Subject”

  • 6. Click “Send”

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Here is an example of an email that a candidate will receive and the link to submit the available times.

manual image

In the attached URL, Interviewees select the available time slots.

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As they submit the time slots, a notification will be sent to the user's email

Fix the Interview schedule

  • 1. Please make sure the submitted time slots from candidates has been reflected into a stage bar.

  • 2. Click “Schedule Interview” in a stage.

  • 3. Choose Interviewers from the list.

  • 4. Find the meeting room.(Rooms available on the calendar will be shown up.)

  • 5. Click “Find time by calendar”.

  • 6. All the interviewer’s availability should be shown up there as long as you have the same domain email with your colleagues. Also, the submitted time from a candidate will be highlighted there in green.

  • 7. Select one fixed time from the calendar.

  • 8. Compose the email notification to interviewers about the interview schedule.

  • 9. Click “Save”

manual image manual image manual image

Send Confirmation email about the fixed time of the interview to an interviewee

  • 1. Click “Send interview confirmation” in a stage.

  • 2. Choose the template about “Interview Confirmation”. Please make sure that the placeholder {{INTERVIEW_START_TIME}} has been included in the template.

  • 3. Click “Send email”

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