What can you see on the Report dashboard?



Jun 30, 2018

On the “Report” tab, users can see the hiring report. This manual walks you through how you can access to the dashboard and can see on the dashboard.

The way to get access to Report dashboard

1.Go to “Report” tab from the top page.

2.See the visualized graph and number in your customized condition.

What you can see on the dashboard

Hiring Progress by the stages of candidates

You can know the hiring progress/funnel of candidates by the stage. The breakdown numbers by department/job/office are shown up below the graph. The funnel is made up of the customized interview plan. Please see “How does interview plan work and What is the fill-in example?” to know how to edit the stages of the interview process.

manual image

*1 You can choose the dimension to get the detailed report. (Department/Job/Office/Location)

*2 You can choose the period to get the detailed result.

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