Change candidate status with "Application Review" function



Jun 25, 2018

How do you browse all resumes in a screening process of applicants?

If you are not using an applicant tracking software, you need to open all resumes and input the screening result like “Get him Next Stage” or “Reject” into the spreadsheet. It takes a lot of time because you need to go back and forth to many pages and input the status manually.

On TalentMind all resumes of candidates on a job can be reviewed in one page one after another. Also, you can decide if you proceed a resume into the next stage like a recruiter interview or a competency test or reject the candidate on the same page with just a click.

This manual walks you through how you can use “Application Review” function in TalentMind.

How to get access to "Application Review"

  • 1. Click “Application Review” or “Candidates” number of a job on right side on job dashboard.

  • 2. Choose “Application Review” button on the top.

  • 3. You can check several types information of candidates here. e.g. Resume, Portfolio,Insight and Notes

  • 4. Choose “Move to Next Stage” or “Reject” as a candidate status

  • 5. Next candidate’s resume will be shown up every time you finish the action of No.3 process.

  • 6. Quit and Exit this function if you finish reviewing the resumes or profile of candidates.

manual image manual image manual image

Note: You can see the resume score and personality score of candidates on this page. The lower score they have, the less prospective they are. So you can skip some low-scored resumes and change them into “Reject” so that you can take more time to read prospective resumes.

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