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Jun 10, 2018

Do you want to restrict a specific users’ access for a specific usage on TalentMInd?

For example, an HR officer should get the permission from an HR manager to open a job or edit a job because that information will be open public at once. Also, it makes sense that an HR manager does not want to give other members the access of candidate salary information in order to keep the privacy of a candidate. These occasions above can happen anytime.

This article walks you through how you can grant or change the user permission and what kinds of user status you can use for user permission.

How to grant the user permission

  • 1. Go to “Users” page

  • 2. Click “Add User”

  • 3. Fill “First Name” and “Last Name” of the user

  • 4. Fill the “Email Address” of the user

  • 5. Decide the password by Admin user or Tick “Send invitation email” on the bottom

  • 6. Choose “Job Admin” or “Site Admin”

  • manual image manual image

    You can see the detailed user permission for each of the user status.

    • - Site admin: Full Access to all jobs and functions

    • - Job admin: Full Access to the functions on specific jobs (Not granted to view salary information)

    • - Job admin:Private : Full Access to the functions on specific jobs (Granted to view salary information)

    • - Interviewers: Only Access to candidates' pages on specific jobs for interview purpose

    (In detail, a user can not edit a job and can not change the interview stages with the interviewers’ status.)

    (The difference between Job Admin and Job Admin:Private is just the visibility of salary information for now.)

  • 7. When you choose the Job Admin, You can give a specific permission by ticking the two options(“Can create new jobs” and “Can invite new users and change users status”)

  • 8. Click Save

manual image

Once you create a User, User Status can be seen in the user dashboard page. If you want to edit the user permission and information about a user, you can start editing it by clicking the name of a user.

manual image

Please also refer to “Input and view current & desired salary” as a related article.

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