Set up auto-reply email to candidates after applying to a job



Jun 10, 2018

When the application comes, it will be comfortable if auto-response emails are sent to candidates. This manual walks you through how to set up auto-response emails to candidates.

How to set up auto-response email

  • 1. Go to “Job Positions” tab from the top

  • 2. Click ”Add Job”

  • 3. Fill out required blanks in the list

  • 4. Do not forget to choose “Email template for sending invitation”

manual image manual image

Once you set your own template for auto-reply email, you can choose the template here. The email type is [For candidate] Test Email.

You can know what items to fill in and what are the other processes to post the first job by “Create the first job & Do the setting required there”

Please refer “How does the email template work and What are the examples of it?” to know how to create an email template.

How does the auto-response email look like?

Please mind that this auto-reply email will be sent when the candidate apply from the job boards or integrated corporate website. So when the candidate has been added by hand, this auto-response email will not be sent.

If you want to send an email for sending a competency test link, you can choose the template and send this email from the candidate dashboard.(You can refer to “Send the email to candidates” to know how to send emails to candidates from the dashboard.)

manual image

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