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Jun 10, 2018

Do you want to input the salary information of a candidate(preferred salary/current salary)? But this information should be private and have the open access from the limited persons in charge. This article will walk you through how to input salary information and set the access permission to the user members.

How to set the access permission

  • 1. Go to “User” tab on the top screen

  • 2. Click “Add User”

  • 3. Fill “First Name” and “Last Name” of the user

  • 4. Fill the “Email Address” of the user

  • 5. Decide the password from Admin user or Tick “Send invitation email” on the bottom

  • 6. Choose “Job Admin” or “Site Admin”

  • 7. Click “Save”

When you assign “Site Admin” to the user, he/she can have the full access to all functions and all jobs including the salary information view.

When you assign “Job Admin” to the user, you can decide the access scope to the user by the job. Only “Job Admin:private” status has the access to the salary information view.(Not “Job Admin”)

Please see “User Permission and User Status” for more detail about it.

manual image manual image

How to input salary information *Only when you have an access to salary information.

  • 1. Go to “Notes” tab on a candidate profile

  • 2. Fill the provided blank. (Current/Preferred Salary and Note)

  • 3. Click “Save”

manual image

If the user is not granted to get access to salary information, those blanks are invisible.

manual image

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