Reject multiple candidates at once



Jun 10, 2018

If you want to change the current status of a candidate, you can change the status in the candidate profile page. But what if you want to get multiple candidates rejected? It will be a quite hassle to change them one by one. This article walks you through how to reject multiple candidates at a time.

How to go to the screen to send emails

  • 1. Go to “Candidate” tab.

  • 2. Tick the candidates profile you want to reject on the left box

  • 3. Pop-up slide-bar will be appeared on the footer position.

  • 4. Click “Reject”

manual image

What items to fill in on the screen

  • 5. Fill in “Reject note” as a note of this reject process

  • 6. Fill in "Template Name"

  • Note: When you already set up the reject template from the setting, a type of email “Reject Candidate Email” will be shown up there.

  • 7. Choose “From Address”

  • Note: You can choose either your email address or group email address as the sender. If you want to choose your email address, please choose {{MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS}} in this pull-down choices. Please refer to “How to setup the login user and Email sender” to set up a group email.

  • 8. Fill in “Subject”

  • 9. Fill in the body of email

  • 10. Attach the file(Optional)

  • 11. Choose “Reject and Don’t send Email” or “Reject and Send Email”

manual image

You can send messages without selecting templates. Once you choose the template that you want to use, “Subject” and the body of an email will be filled in automatically.

After you finish the actions above, you can find the selected candidates’ status became “Rejected”.

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