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Jun 10, 2018

TalentMind has a function to send a message to candidates. And once you create email templates, those templates can be used according to your intended purpose. You can walk through how to send a message to a candidate with or without using email template for interview setting.

Other than interview setting, I guess you will have the purposes to send emails to candidates. If you want to set up auto-reply welcome emails to candidates, please refer to “Set up auto-reply email to candidates after applying to a job”.

If you want to send reject emails to a candidate or multiple candidates, please refer to “Reject multiple candidates at once”

In addition, Please refer to “How does the email template work and What are the examples of it?” to set up the email template before sending messages.

How to go to the screen to send emails

  • 1.Go to the candidates dashboard.(“Candidate Tab”)

  • 2.Tick the box on the left side of the candidates to whom you want to send messages.

  • 3.Pop-up slide-bar will be appeared on the footer position.

  • 4.Click “Send email”

manual image

What items to fill in on the screen

  • 5. Fill in “Template Name”

  • Note: 3 types of templates are available now.(Auto-reply Email, Interview Availability and Interview Confirmation). You can customize the name and content of these templates from “Setting” tab.

    Note: “Interview Availability” is a type of template to ask a candidate for a available time slots. “Interview Confirmation” is a type of template to ask a candidate for a confirmation of proposed interview time and place. So the order of emails should be 1. “Interview Availability” -> 2.“Interview Confirmation”.

  • 6. Choose “From Address”

  • Note: You can choose either your email address or group email address as the sender. If you want to choose your email address, please choose {{MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS}} in this pull-down choices. Please refer to “How to setup the login user and Email sender” to set up a group email.

  • 7. Fill in “Subject”

  • 8. Fill in the body of email

  • 9. Attach the file(Optional)

  • 10. Click “Send Email”

You can send messages without selecting templates. Once you choose the template that you want to use, “Subject” and the body of email will be filled in automatically.

manual image manual image

Note: You can see “Variable List”. This is available placeholders to use in emails. Each placeholders in the email will be converted into the corresponded individual names.



{{JOB_NAME}}-> Senior Director of Marketing

{{CANDIDATE_SOURCE}}->JobsDB Linkedin…

manual image

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