Product Update: User Dashboard has been implemented



Aug 28, 2018

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TalentMind, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, has today released the "User Dashboard" on our product.TalentMind users can check their hiring activities at one sight on this page.

Product Update Detail

User Dashboard

TalentMind users can see the indivisual hiring activities and histories on this dashboard.The visible activities types are as follows;

1. Application Reviews to finish

2. Remaining tasks to be done(Application Reviews/Scorecards/Status change/Offers)

3. Scheduled interviews

4. Individual acitivities history

With the Calendar Syncup, the interview schedule will appear on an interviewers' online calendar. Together with this function, Interviewers can see the interview schedules on this user dashboard. So they will never miss the interview schedules. Also, other Admin members will never miss the remaining tasks to be unfinished by checking the dashboard.

In short, this dashboard will contribute to professional HR works!

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To find out more about the new features and test out the TalentMind platform, click here.

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