Client Interview : Sea Group - utilizing AI to screen, manage and deliver candidates down the recruitment funnel



Nov 27, 2018


TalentMind, a human resource technology company and part of the AnyMind Group, provides employers and human resource professionals with an applicant tracking & screening system driven by AI. We spoke with Khun Anyarin, Head of People Search for Sea Group Thailand’s HR department. She shares with us the current HR process, challenges and how TalentMind empowers Sea Group in Thailand to drive efficiency through a single platform. Let’s take a look!


How is the process of HR recruiting in Sea (Thailand) right now?

We categorize our recruitment into two groups, Specific Recruitment and Special Recruitment. Specific Recruitment is to recruit people according to the request from hiring managers. While Special Recruitment is to recruit talent to build our young leader pipelines.

For Specific Recruitment, the process starts from getting a request from hiring managers, then we source applicants through our own career portal called Career Sea, and job boards such as JobsDB. Then, we start our interviewing and job offering processes.

For Special Recruitment, we have two programs, which are International Management Associate Program (iMAP) - a management trainee program, and Sea Explorer Program - an internship program for a 3rd to 4th year students. The process starting with doing a marketing campaign, and then sourcing, testing and interviewing respectively.

Is there any difficulty in your current recruiting process?

Real time recruitment tracking is our current challenge. Currently we can do our tracking, but it is not efficient. We are looking for a dashboard that could ease our day-to-day operations. We are trying TalentMind to see if this program can perform as we expect or not.

Why did you decide to use this software?

TalentMind provides us with an easy way to track our candidate and see where our well-performing candidates are from. Additionally, we can also see our recruitment pipeline clearly, and optimize our activities from there through a single platform.

Is there any function you like?

I really like how screening function, which is quite easy to use. Thus, we can have more time to focus on other initiatives, like developing a stronger candidate experience.

Also, I like how TalentMind has made recruitment so much more data-driven. We can now easily analyze candidates across their online presence, and optimize our recruiting pipeline by tracking the source of good candidates, not just when we’re in the recruitment process, but also track high performing staff and where they were recruited from.

I’m really happy that TalentMind has packaged what was previously a taboo (AI), into an easy-to-use technology. Ultimately, AI has come in and become a new assistant to our team!

In the future, what kind of functions do you want to see in TalentMind?

More fields for the database would be great! I hope that TalentMind can increase the number of fields, or allow us to customize the fields available to users.


We’re always looking to grow the capabilities of TalentMind, and develop more features to make recruitment easier and more accurate. If you would like to try out TalentMind with your own live demo account or have a look at the full capabilities of TalentMind, please feel free to drop us a direct message here.

Also, you can see how some of the above described functions work through the links below.

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