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Sep 8, 2018

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Momentarily, it's time for the company to accept a wave of application from the candidates, those who can send their resume easily in this digital era. The next homework for the HR team would be: screening the candidates.

Let's say there are 100 applications coming in a couple minutes. Moreover, it will grow more and more within an hour, a day, or even a week. In accordance with that, there should be know-how to screen the candidates effectively.

Most noteworthy, before choosing to collaborate with someone in your company, make sure that you double-check the background. Also, this should be done accustomed to the regulation and law applied.

Furthermore, how is the efficient way to simplify the initial screening of the candidates? Here are the six tips:

1. Comprehensive Review

Don't just do the review on the surface. First of all, when the candidates have been shortlisted, do the screening in all viewpoints. Still confused due to the flooding applications? Look back to the company's priority.

If the vacancy would be related closely with social interaction requiring a great soft skill, eliminate the candidate with lack of experience resume.

In contrary, if the vacancy needs a thinker with a brilliant academic background, then you should examine closely their educational journey.

Combining the company's preference with applicant's eligibility will ease the fundamental screening process before jumping to the next step.

2. Use Automatic System

The manual recruitment system has started to step aside due to the computerized system that clarifies the finding of the best candidate. Beforehand, the candidates must be reviewed one by one and transcribed the excellence and shortcoming. But presently, it's notable.

All the processes would be related to the automatic realm traceable in a computerized system. The software could analyze the recruitment process with specifications like:

- Contrive the recruitment process like the interview mechanism

- Implement the similar standard for job vacancy announcement

- The candidates can also apply with a synchronized way to the system

All the benefits will result in one advantage: save the budget during the recruitment process. Interesting, isn't it?

3. Partnership With the Screening Resources

If your company seems overwhelmed to handle the recruitment process issue, there's nothing wrong to give the mandate to the experts who can arrange it professionally.

Simply by utilizing the automated technology, it's time for you to save the energy, budget, and also time for further effective matters. Above all, the technology is here to help us, right?

Moreover, this should be your option if the main job in the company is abandoned due to the long screening process. Hence, the partnership with the experts will be beneficial for the company.

4. Telephone Screening

Don't underestimate the influence of phone screening process. Before requesting them to the office and conducting the interview, give them a call.

Just for 20 minutes, HR consultant Kirsten Tornow said it could give a significant picture of how the candidate interacts with others.

But please also bear in mind that calling the candidate must be with introductory notice to ensure the ambiance and signal are safe. It is also critical to make sure the candidate will concentrate and not distracted by other activities.

Through the informal interview by phone, you can ask anything related to the opening. If necessary, record the candidate's response as a matter of consideration.

5. Reference Check

For an applicant, earning a reference from the previous working partner is not an easy task. Moreover, if the reference was issued by an influential person. However, if the reference is great, there might be two possibilities: the former performance was really impressive, or critically considering isn't accurate.

That's where the reference check needs to be done. Spare the special time to call those who wrote the reference. Ask them in particular about the previous performance, especially the things related to the upcoming position in your company. This is definitely crucial to ensure the reference's accuracy.

6. State It at the Beginning: Background Check

The last but not least tips: give the notice in your job vacancy that there will be a thorough background check screening by the company hence the troubled candidate won't waste their time to apply.

Assured, by weighing these tips the HR team will get the benefits like:

- Gaining the high-quality candidate

- Decrease unexpected budget due to employee turnover

- Avoid the negligence during the recruitment

After all the processes have finished, there would be the shortlist of candidate meets the company criteria. From those who pass the screening, invite them to your office for a direct interview and review their capability.

Who knows, they would pass you 7 impressive questions ( and successfully charms the company. Have a try!

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