4 Workplace Trends the HR Need to Adapt



Sep 20, 2018

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The workspace is one of the most dynamic sectors. From time to time, there are a lot of changes that require the company to adapt to the changes. Moreover, the adjustment is flexible and couldn't be anticipated. In accordance with that, the only way to cope with the trends is by following and adapting.

Furthermore, what are the workplace trends happening nowadays? We have summarized 4 of them and could be your inspirations to conduct the HR strategies.

1.Company Branding

The more well-known a company in the working industry, the candidate will be varied and appealing great quality as well. The talent market hunting is emerging and this is what the company should pay attention to.

So far, the company will concentrate on searching the candidate with proper capacity suitable to the company's needs. But essentially, there are other things should be concerned:

- Conducting the training to intensify the morality and loyalty of the employees

- Raising the awareness of the company through social media, official website, and evolving social role to present the branding

- Create a positive and friendly working atmosphere to boost the employee's productivity

It means, the company isn't the only one being served by the working capability. On the other hand, the workplace trend requires the company to build their branding awareness and a comfortable working environment to make them feel at home.

2. Blended Workforce

It's not a new thing that within a company, there are workforces from various backgrounds. Let's say the fulltime employee, part-time, and the independent one.

In accordance with this, the company executes the role to consolidate the conducive working environment between the permanent worker to the project-worker. How to do that?

- Do the regular evaluation of the working schedule, especially for the part-time employee that might work from home

- Assure the similar vision and mission between the remote worker to make sure the result will be maximum

- Collaborate with the independent contractor to make sure the HR and legal system will be applied accordingly

3. Evaluation Method

Certainly, the evaluation is a significant thing for the development of a company. However, some traditional evaluation methods are shifting to a more effective and dynamic working place.

It's also important to consider these things:

- Looking for the alternative method for annual review

- Provide the right communication channel between the managers to discuss the performance and progress of the company

- Technology adaptation to measure the target achievement for the manager and employee with a much easier way

4. Welcome, Generation Z!

Now, it's the turn for Generation Z, the freshest generation to enter the productive age. Similarly, they are known for the distinctive talent offered to the company. Hence, it's critical to remember that Generation Z needs:

- A proper communication channel with the other generations

- They are technology savvy, give them access to it prior to the sophisticated and efficient working performance

- The company needs to interpret how to make the Gen Z do their best talent and maintain it

Definitely, all of these changes are the challenge and new progress for the HR's decision maker. Most noteworthy, ensure that the understanding of this matter will create the company able to cope up with the 2018 workplace trend, and the future years.

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