The Best Way to Improve Employee Satisfaction



Sep 4, 2018

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Proper wages and remuneration benefits will go a long way to keep your employee happy and satisfy. But that is not the only thing that the employee after. They are also prioritizing other factors as high as wages. HR professional should be able to recognize this other factors if they want to find and keep skilled and talented people.

Here are a couple of effective methods to improve employee satisfaction, other than giving proper wages:

- Recognition

An employee that works hard, going the extra mile to finish their job, and achieve certain goal deserve a praise. This is a simple thing to do yet many employers fail to recognize the importance of it. A happy employee will be more engaged and motivated to do their job better.

- Care about employee health and well-being

Show your employee that the company is really cared about their health and well being, both mentally and physically.

Start by educating the employee about the importance of a healthy life style. Let them know the kind of change they can make to stay healthy. Provide a supporting system for this purpose, such as providing healthy meal, offer subside gym membership, encourage them to do daily exercise and create a calm anxiety free work environment that will do wonder to their mental well-being.

- Offer the opportunities to grow

Working on the same thing over and over again for a long period without any kind of change, stimulation, and challenge will make the employee bored. This is where they will start to look the other way for a new challenge and things to do.

Keep the top talent on-board by offering them the opportunities to grow in careers, skill, and in the company. Acknowledging and celebrating an accomplishment, provide training to encourage employee learning something new, create a competition, and challenging promotion will keep your star talent happy and satisfy.

- Encourage social connections

Human is a social creature and not surprisingly socialization is an important key to happiness. Socializes with other will lift up people mood and it works for everyone. Look for a way to encourage social interaction such as arranging an open workstation where workers can see and communicate with each other easily.

Arrange for office celebrations for a holiday where everyone gathers and mingles. What about office socialization such as volunteer program and community service? It will work as happiness booster for the employee and at the same time build positive reputation for the company.

- Create a healthy and supportive working environment

A healthy and supportive working environment will make the employee feel comfortable. There are a couple of things that the employer can do to create such kind of environment. Start with creating an open and communication culture, where everyone should feel comfortable on voicing their thoughts and opinion.

Respect the employee and try to see things from their point of view to earn their trust and respect. Give them more autonomy on how to do their job, which means less micromanagement, and finally gives them more control over their work environment and work habits.

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