How Google Build a Superstar Team



Sep 9, 2018

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Have you ever wonder how Google, one of the biggest tech company in the world right now build a superstar team to do an awesome job there?

Todd Carlisle, Google’s staffing manager share a story on how to do that. This comes from a man who works in Google and dealing with thousands of resume every day, which means the strategy is really working.

This is an important thing to know about seeing that commerce world right now has grown so much bigger and more complex, and the bulk of modern work goes more to team-based. Studies show that team that works collaboratively tend to innovate faster, see mistakes more quickly, and able to find the best solutions to the problem at hand. Other studies show that people working in a team are far more productive and in the end have higher job satisfaction.

What about Google itself? What did they look from a candidate to make sure they got the right one, and how they choose other team members?

According to Carlisle, they are always on the lookout for people with diversity, learning agility, leadership, innovation, and raw intellect. Those are the things that don’t always show up in the resume, but it something that the employer can uncover during an interview, assuming that they are asking the right question.

The key point that Carlisle looks for when hiring someone is:

- Look for someone who can think quickly on their feet.

It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, it is important for that person to be able to make an immediate decision, and it will be better if it works effectively. In Google, with its big scope of work, it was a covetable skill

- Look for a trajectory in the candidate background stories

For example, a candidate with high GPA getting his degree while working part-time. A person who able for that kind of achievement in the academic world while at the same time work hard to stay on his feet show the sign of dedication and willingness to work hard. That is a quality worth to look for.

- Someone who didn’t’ afraid to admit that he is making a mistake

Nobody perfect and that is how life works. Look for a candidate who is willing to tell the story of their past failure. Being humble means they are capable of recognizing their weakness and mistake they make as a lesson for not making the same one in the future.

- The candidate experience while working on a team.

What kind of experience the candidates have in the past when working in a team? What is their role and how well do they perform in it?

Finding a candidate is one thing, but keeping them to work together as a team is another thing. Check periodically and find out what will motivate the whole team member to do better in the future? It could be money, a more challenging project, or something else. Give those things to the team to keep them motivated, which would help greatly to create a super team.

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