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Sep 12, 2018

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"What would be your dream job?" might be one of the most repeated questions during school time. The responses are also typical, like a doctor, astronaut, teacher, and numerous other answers. However, will they remain the same in the future? Perhaps no!

Speaking about the future is always fascinating, including the jobs opportunity. Also, big chance there would be professions that we never imagined before and become an actuality in the future. Most importantly, there would be a kind of a whole new profession catalog, fulfilling the demands of the prevailing era.

Furthermore, RS Components confirmed the speculation by their research, explaining briefly the examples of future jobs. Let's say Space Junk Recycler, Drone Manager, Virtual Teacher, Space Miner, or even the e-Sport Athlete from the future generation!

Definitely, this time, we will elaborate some unusual professions from each scope. Who knows you might be inspired to be one of them, or even preparing to be the part of the future working industry?

1. Space Tourism Guide

Where is your dream holiday destination? Going abroad? Or exploring around the world? Perhaps it's time to dispatch the boundary because space tour is occurring closer to us.

It might be conceivable the tour guide for a commercial flight to space like Virgin Galactic will be the future job of flight attendant nowadays. They will be called Space Tourism Guide. When it's actualized, equip yourself for the new favorite holiday destination: space tourism!

2. Neuro Enhancer

The brain, as the core of all human activity command, won't just remain the same in the future. Frequently, we only watch the brain or neuro experiments in the science fiction movie or TV series.

Somehow, it could be the substance of a job called Neuro Enhancer who formulates the innovative medicine in escalating brain function! Wow!

3. Drone Manager

Autopilot drone is already part of our daily life. Previously, the function is only for recording footage or drone delivery like what Amazon developed.

Once everything is expanding, there should be one person who can supervise it, the Drone Manager, the specialist who can control the drone traffic.

4. Virtual Teacher

The shifting in education is happening; studying is no longer correlated to indoor or outdoor class. Learning with the virtual concept is granting the approval from the society.

In the future, school is not only leaving early to the building with fixed learning classes. Big chance, the school will transform into online classes and courses using the internet. Once it occurs, there should be a Virtual Teacher to utter the knowledge.

5. Cyber Lawyer

Dear lawyers, prepare to educate yourself about cyber crimes on the internet or social media! Amidst the current cybercrime exceeded 5,8 million cases a year, the figure of a Cyber Lawyer is immediately needed. Soon.

Also, there are so many cases concerning the huge platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that we can't simplify.

6. Climate Change Reversal Specialist

There are multiple signals of climate change in this world. Thus, there should be a new job that could re-create the planet ecosystem like rainforest and ocean that we need for the sustainability, like the Climate Change Reversal Specialist. In accordance with that, consider studying anything related to world landscape? Why not?

7. Space Miner

Our energy based on fossil and other rare elements is going to extinct. It means it is plausible to find the energy alternative to reinstating it in the future.

To deliver it into reality, we need a Space Miner who can find the rare elements anywhere: Earth, Moon, or even the Asteroid!

8. Self-Driving Car Mechanic

Currently, the self-driving car is not a new concern for us. Moreover, the companies are striving to develop their innovation by participating in the self-driving car industry.

But the big question is, no matter how autonomous and sophisticated the car is, there should be a mechanic that could manage the trouble. Certainly, the Self-Driving Car Mechanic should have a prominent perception of technology, comprehensively.

9. Time Broker

Depositing money is common, but can you imagine depositing your time? In the future, it's most likely to happen because time tends to be more worthy compared to money.

Hence, later you might deposit your time and get a reward in return! The Time Broker will handle all of these matters. Perhaps this is excellent news for the freelancers who are predicted to dominate 40 percent of all professions in 2020.

10. AI Personality Writer

The presence of artificial intelligence technology is embodied in our daily life. Furthermore, everything is becoming more businesslike, replacing what formerly human did. However, there should be a profession that could define the personality of AI, hence the AI Personality Writer will be the upcoming vacancy.

Do you have anything else crossed your mind about the future? Or inspired to immerse yourself with these attractive professions? The choice is yours!

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