Top 4 Human Resource Technology Trends for More Effective Business



Aug 26, 2018

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Technology affects business in many ways. It evolves the business organization, reshape it and changes how the business works. As the part of business organization, human resource department is also the same. However, be careful in adopting a new technology is a must. Without understanding the benefits and how it affects the business, it only grows the spending. The next question is, what are the human resource technology trends that truly affect your business?

1. Employee Portal

The term of portal sounds familiar nowadays. But how about employee portal? If you ever heard about news portal or something similar, the concept of employee portal is just the same. The difference is only about the utilization. Employee portal is a secure site to share and discuss within a company. In here, you may notice the word of “secure”. And as expected, this portal designed to provide a secure workplace to discuss and sharing information between employees.

Employee portal is more than just a tool to share information and discussing projects. This is a secure workplace on the cyberspace. Its security is way better than free email, social media or instant messaging app. But the best thing about employee portal is about the control and support. Its limited access protects employee portal from unauthorized users.

Employee portal provides anything that employee may need, from accessing forms, download handbook, apply PTO, review tax, check their healthcare plan, view company calendar event and many more. Employees can also ask a question and make a complaint with it. For the company itself, employee portal can be a great tool to maintain the employees. It can be used to review employee performance and formulate employee development program.

2. Digital Record Keeping

Record keeping, this is the keyword of this technology. For HR department, it focuses on concerns, complaints and similar issues. Almost anything about human resource can be stored here, including job applications from hiring process.

Based on this definition, you may figure out how digital record works for the company. Referring to HR department, it keeps any information about hiring process, complaints and other issues, especially from the employees. But how it benefits the company?

Complaints, employee surveys and performance reviews are the good sources to create employee development program. The benefits of digital record can be found on the hiring process too. Talent hunting can be so expensive. At first, HR department needs to attract talented people. Advertisement is needed sometimes. After job applications come in, HR department needs to find the good candidates through psychological test, technical test and interview. Sure, all of these need money.

Digital record keeping allows HR department to make hiring process more efficient and effective. For example, instead looking for new talents and spend some money for advertisement, HR department can dig digital record to find the right candidates.

3. Digital Training

Ready-to-work employees, this is the training goal. But is it possible to make it cheaper? This is the concept behind digital training. HR department may use video training for this. Play it for the trainee and let them learn. But there is a bug on this technology. Video training may give nothing. Trainee may watch the video without learning anything. In the end, it just like a ritual for new employees.

Focusing on soft skill training, managerial training and harassment training is also necessary to adopt this technology effectively.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Artificial intelligence is undeniable. Blockchain is going further. These days, the role of those technologies are getting bigger. And possibly, wipe out some professions. But artificial intelligence and blockchain can be a great tool for a company. For example, artificial intelligence with its analysis capabilities. It helps HR department to make better decision and develop HR programs. In the other hand, blockchain may change recruiting process and make it more efficient.

Sure, adopting those technologies may lead new problems. But in the other side, it leads new roles for human too. In HR department, human will balance the use of technology itself.

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