How to Support Employee Mental Health at Workspace, a Guide for a Manager



Sep 7, 2018

Good mental health and good management work together, and there is no doubt that a working environment with a high level of mental wellbeing is more productive than those who don’t.

For that reason, it is important to create a supportive work environment where everyone able to give the best at work. A good and supportive work environment will help to increase productivity and decrease turnover. In the long term, it will increase retention rates where the company able to save more in the recruitment process because they don’t have to keep replacing unhappy employee that decide to quit their job.

What roles can the employer play to support their employee’s mental health? There are a couple of options such as:

Raise awareness about Mental Health

A leader often encourages their employee to stay fit and healthy, thus sending a message that it was important to take care of any physical illness as soon as possible. The same thing couldn’t’ be said about mental health. There are not many leaders who are willing to discuss the importance of mental health such as depression and how to take care of this issue.

There are many things that a leader can do in this matter. They can create health mental awareness day to educate employee about what it was, how to recognize if there is a problem with it, how to deal with it, and where to get help. Demonstrate a level of acceptance to an employee with mental health issue will go a long way to support the person and also create the openness and acceptance atmosphere in the workplace.

Provide the support

Raising the awareness about mental health itself is not enough. The leader needs to take things further by providing support the employee will need to keep their mental health in check. The support comes in various ways such as:

Create opportunities for employees to relax and distress

Giving the employees time to relax and distress has proven to improve productivity. Giving a break time at work day, planning for a recreation, encourage the employee to enjoy their deserved vacation time, and also gives the opportunity to volunteer in the neighborhood is part of the things the leader can do to help employee to distress

- Provide access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and encourage employees to take advantage of it.

Make this as part of employee benefit, so there is no need for the employee to worry about the cost they have to pay for it.

- Ask the insurance provider about mental health coverage.

Right now, the insurance provider is more open about providing coverage for mental health services and this is something that a company could take advantage of by providing it as another part of employee benefit

- Bring in the expert in mental health.

Let the expert do the talk and educate the employee about mental health

- Create a return to work policy and strategies for an employee who has mental health issue.

Be a Good Role Model

One more thing on how to support employee mental health is to be a good role model. Show acceptance to those with mental health issue. As a leader, they need to show that they can enjoy their life, able to balance personal life and work, and take advantage of recreational activities. A good role model will encourage everyone else to do the same.

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