The Influence of Engaging Job Vacancy



Sep 14, 2018

Let's be honest with ourselves. Regardless of where your current company is, the bored, tired, and striving for new challenge perceptions are inevitable. Moreover, if you equate it with your current working rhythm. Also, at the same time, there are countless job vacancies on the social media.

Yet regrettably, not every company can formulate the impressive job vacancy that would lure the readers to learn it thoroughly, or simply open the provided link. The typical idea is always comparable and tedious.

Hence, this is the homework for a company's HR: how to make an engaging and right-on-target job vacancy.

The Common Mistake: Boring Job Vacancy

Most of the job vacancies on the internet are almost alike. The vacant position filled with a generic title, followed by standard qualification lists, including the responsibility and duties. Dull.

That's not what the company demands.

The company doesn't need a person who can accomplish the written qualifications on the vacancy with “A” score. In contrary, the qualifications could restrain the suitable candidates from applying.

Then, Which Job Vacancy Is the Proper One?

Let's remember our root as the "visual" human that can also be applied in terms of the job vacancy. Let's say, a person sees two job vacancies while scrolling the Instagram Story.

One job vacancy used the basic tone with small texts concerning the qualifications. While the other one presented the graphic-concept visual, broadcasted in the style of a puzzle piece that addresses everyone craves for more and more.

Which one could naturally trigger a person to read extra or dig for further information? Definitely: the latter. That's what the HR must do: compose a fresh and engaging job vacancy.

Certainly, it requires time, energy, and specific concept to create this kind of job vacancy. But remember, this will be related closely to:

- Company Branding

If only each formal announcement from the company is designed with fascinating and eye-catching visual, then that's how your business represents itself. Furthermore, the branding will be attached and comes as the awaited signature style.

Consequently, it's important to formulate how the company will outline the company's visualization before released publicly.

- Magic Words

Perhaps it's time to devise the boring words in the newspaper's job vacancies. Moreover, in the digital era, short and catchy words will definitely gain more attention. The job vacancy made wholeheartedly will generate the desired response, not just merely clicking the "apply" button.

- Consider the Person

Whenever there is one vacant position in your office, imagine what kind of person that will fill the space suitably. Imagine what personality and skills that can deliver the role, even better than the previous person.

After that, write the desired character and skills specifically, not the generic one. By doing this, the person who applies will be segmented and meets the criteria.

- What the Company Offers?

The job vacancy is a comprehensive tool to visualize the perception into the reality. In accordance with that, put forward what will the candidate get once he works for your company. Deliver every statement concise and clear to lure the candidate in applying.

Use the words like, "You will love it here because..." people will be interested in the "You will..." words within your vacancy. So, it's also important, to be honest about the actual situation of your company.

- Introduce the Company's Culture

Don't hesitate to explain the trademark culture of your company in the job vacancy. Similarly, this technique will make the candidate measures whether they will fit into your company or not before applying. Besides, this will formulate the company's identity.

- Open the Discussion

There are only a few job vacancies that initiate a discussion room or question session for those who are interested in applying. Open the chance. Give opportunity to everyone who is enthusiastically asking about the details. Overall, their question and curiosity indicate the concern to your company.

When these points have been achieved before publishing the job vacancy, certainly you can narrow down the potential candidates. Also, when a person sees an engaging job vacancy, he will forward it to his friend and it will begin viral, considering the word of mouth power. Essentially, people seem reluctant to forward the boring job vacancy, right?

Remember once again, you don't need flooding job applicants not fitting the criteria. The company needs only one candidate, the right one, through the one right job vacancy.

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