Russian Robot is the Future Job Interviewer



Sep 13, 2018

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One of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting new hire is the initial process. This is where recruiter and HR professional spend their time screening thousands of resume to find a number of the most likely candidate for the job.

But it will not be a problem anymore. A Russian startup has created a new way to help companies find a new recruiter and make the initial interview in a short amount of time.

This new way involves the use of an artificially intelligent software technology, which was named Vera or officially called “Robot Vera”.

What makes “Vera” an attractive option to use compare to the human interviewer?

For a start, it is not a human, which means it won’t tire out and burnt out no matter how many hours it spend its time working. If you are a recruiter, having someone who will never complain about the long hours of work is a very attractive proposition.

The record shows that Vera is capable of conducting the interview for as many as 1,500 candidates per day work. That is something that most human recruiters will take weeks to finish them up. This alone will cut the initial recruiting process time, from weeks to just a couple of days. The number of resumes that need to sort out will be winding down at the end of the day.

After the initial interview complete, Vera will send up customized follow-up emails. There is no need for the human recruiter to send those emails and customize it based on the interview result. It also means that the candidates don’t have to wait too long to get a word about their applications.

Right now, there are around 200 companies that use Robot Vera. In average, there are around 50,000 interviews conducted by this software.

How does Robot Vera works?

First, the company who wish to use Robot Vera software will provide it with the job description and interview detailed customized to the job opening itself.

This software will be linked to sites with the job opening. After that, Vera will review the resumes and try to find the one that matches with the job opening.

This is where thing gets more interesting. Vera will call the candidate, asking whether he or she still looking for a job, and if they do, it will continue with the interview either through telephone or video conference.

Vera was equipped with conversational skills that allow it to converse with the candidate. It can give the accurate answer to the candidate’s question (82% accuracy at this time). It can speak in English and Russian at a different speed and it can be arranged to sound like a man or a woman, depend on the recruiter preference.

After the initial interview complete, Vera will hand over the result to the human recruiter to make the final decision.

Next question, is Robot Vera capable of conducting the initial interview for all type of job opening?

Right now, this software is far more suited for companies that are in need of mass recruitment for jobs such as clerk, construction workers, labor, and other types of blue-collar jobs.

For other types of job such as executives position, a human recruiter will do a better job than this software since this kind of job requires more than just physical ability, which means the recruiter needs to dig more to find about the candidates and make decision based on it, which is something that Robot Vera is not equipped to do.

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