Should People Scare over Robots taking their Jobs?



Sep 11, 2018

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The concern about robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation will take over the jobs from the human is not something new. But in reality, the majority of worker didn’t worry much about it. Only a small percentage of workers that strongly agree with the idea that robots and AI threaten their jobs today.

Positive View about Robots and Automation

Despite the hype about AI, robots, and automation will control the world, most workers have a positive view of the whole thing. How is that possible?

There are a couple of reasons for that.

- Most people believe that human mind is far more superior to any kind of AI out there. It means, that human is far more capable, have more potential, and also more intelligence compares to robots. They also believe that the majority of work is something that no robots can do.

- Technology manages to sneak and integrated into people life. People are using technology one way or another. It has become a part of people live, that some people will wonder what they are going to do without it.

There is also the fact that people have taken technology for granted. They already see firsthand how technology has made their life easier. People use all kind of software both in office and at home, from the simplest thing such as shopping for new clothes into finishing a new project with a coworker from the other part of the country.

With the role that technology plays in people’s life this day, having robots and AI to be part of the workforce in the future is literally bound to happen.

- Most people believe that robots will merely shift works, and take over the mundane and repetitive task. It means that people will have more free time that they can use to work on something else, something more important and enjoyable.

- Time-saving and less human error which will lead to in better work productivity is another reason why people are not afraid of robots for entering the workforce.

Where to Start?

Now, it seems that most workers are not afraid of robots for taking over their jobs, but is it enough?

No, it’s not. There are many things that both the worker and the company need to do to prepare having worked side by side with robots in the future.

On-the-job training is highly needed to prepare worker with this human-machine interaction. This is very important because they will work side by side and the human side need to know what they can expect from their soon to be partner.

Lack of having the proper training is one of the main concerns this day. If the future generation is not prepared to deal with this new type of working environment, then they really have to worry for being left out and let the robots taking over the whole job.

The big idea here is how to create a culture that embraces and adopt human-machine collaboration. Proper training in all levels and also comprehensive change in management frameworks is the answer to ensure that no worker should be afraid of losing their job; in fact, they should take full advantage of it.

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