Internal & External Tricks to Have Happy Employees



Jan 3, 2019

Happy Employees

Complaining, having a bad day, or even frequent internal conflict within the company. Are you familiar with situations like this? Perhaps, it's a warning.

For company owners, do you realize that the unhappy employees could cost up to $550 billion dollars each year? Well, the polling company Gallup found out this fact from their research in the US. Moreover, it's unveiled that 7 of 10 unhappy employees can't present their best performance.

Certainly, it's closely related to the motivation to work productively. Moreover, 13 percent of them could possibly consider leaving the company and seeking another place.

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Another appealing fact, the happy employees would voluntarily work hard for the company. This is the latest research from the Economic Department University of Warwick. There were 700 participants involved and some of them watched the comedy series or ate chocolate before working.

On the other hand, half of the participants got negative news like the family incident or financial situation. It's then revealed that from those two comparisons, those who feel happy would make most of their time effectively without sacrificing the quality.

Providing Motivation to Them

Then, what could be the solution? Basically, there are two things that could be arranged by the company, both from internal and external factors. Thus, by knowing the tricks to make them happy, the circumstances within the company could be way better.

Obviously, this can't be applied universally to all employees. Each of them has a distinctive characteristic hence the various treatment. Let's dig more about this.

What Is External Motivation?

Essentially, the external motivation for the employees has been created a long time ago. It's tangible and often related to financial rewards like salary upgrade, bonus, promotion, or other office facilities.

With this kind of motivation, the employee would be encouraged and motivated to do the job to get the reward. It means they are neither serving for the company nor appreciating the process.

In fact, some researches exposed that this kind of motivation is no longer effective as before. Moreover, it could be a burden for their creativity.

Then, What About Internal Motivation?

Unlike external motivation, the internal motivation is more related to psychological factor and the employee's satisfaction. Moreover, experts said that this particular motivation is effective. When they are motivated from within, they would struggle well.

Where is the source? It could be anywhere, rooted in the spirit to work better, such as:

- Seeking for Knowledge

Generally, human always has the thirst for new knowledge. They want to learn more and it could be seen from successful people. But, the company needs to ensure that this need is fulfilled to encourage the working ethos, like managing the training or long-term plan.

- Spirit of Meaningfulness

Every employee wants to do the job that they really care about. Hence, the communication within a company must be transparent. The purpose is to make sure the employee has the same perception about the company's mission and could arrange the strategy to achieve it.

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- Freedom

Give them the freedom to take a decision in order to enhance the confidence and responsibility. Absolutely, it doesn't necessarily mean that you lose the control of their work. Supply them the flexibility and freedom and this will lead to a long-term benefit for the company.

So, which approach would you apply to your company? By choosing the proper motivation trick, having happy employees, and also easier recruitment process with the help of AI-technology like TalentMind, the success would be in your reach.

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