Difficulty in Recruiting Excellent Employees



Dec 27, 2018

Excellent Tralent

Why do many companies have a problem in recruiting employees, especially the excellent ones? It could happen for many different reasons, such as posting the job in the wrong place or the growing talent shortage problem.

But it is also possible that the recruitment process those companies developed is simply not attractive enough to bring excellent and highly talented people to sit back and pay attention.

Why? To understand this, we need to look back at the history of the recruitment process. The recruitment process was designed during the industrial revolution where factories need to hire an assembly line of workers who were expected to do a good job, follow directions, and working in a structured environment.

Now, excellent people are so much different than that. They are the one that really good at what they do, they have their own idea of what is wrong and what is right, they usually pick their working environment, and fully devoted to master their craft. These kinds of people didn't particularly like that kind of mode of work. They need full autonomy on how to do their job.

How to Hire Excellent and Highly Talented People?

As mentioned before, these people have a different kind of mindset. It means, any company who wishes to recruit them need to come up with different approach.

Give these people an offer that they most likely will accept. For example, offer them full autonomy on where to work and the kind of material they can use or you can offer them a short time project so they can see whether they like the company and want to join full time.

Sit down together with these people and discuss the kind of work mode that works for both sides.

How to Retain Excellent Employees?

The question now is how to retain those highly talented people?

In most cases, these people care more about quality and innovation. They don't think about productivity and profit.

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To retain these people, give them the room and flexibility to do their job on their own terms. Challenge them with something new from time to time to keep their interest.

It all may sound like a hard work to retain those talented people, but it will worth in the end.

They are the one that brings wonderful innovation to the company and those are the thing that customers this day are looking for.

Change the Traditional Recruitment Approach in your Company

The traditional recruitment approach is no longer working, especially if you want to hire and retain highly talented people.

The default recruitment process works great for entry or junior level, but when it comes to those talented people, use a different and more personal approach.

Basically, you need to customize the recruitment process to the candidate. Do not force everyone to go into the same recruitment pipeline. It won’t work anymore. When you do it correctly, you will be able to keep a star employee to help you develop and grow your business.

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