Why Hiring Decision Based on Thank-You Note after Interview is a Bad Practice



Dec 26, 2018

What is the final thing that makes you decide who is you are going to hire after the interview? If you choose the candidate that send a thank-you note and reject the ones that don't send you one, then you need to stop right now.

Why? Because it was a bad practice.

Thank-You Note is not an Objective Parameter

You sh˙ould only consider who is it that you are going to hire based on their skill, capability, and basically everything else that is job-related.

In most cases, you will already know who is the best candidate that you will hire when the interview process end. There is no need for a thank-you note to tell you who is the best for the job.

Thank-you note is part of "proper" candidate etiquette. No one knows who come up with these etiquette rules and not many countries follow that rule. Keep that in mind when you conducting recruitment process with candidates that come from different background.

Always use an objective skill assessment. You could use reference, pre-employment test, background check, or any other type of objective assessment. The result you get from these assessments is far more objective, reliable, and effective. In the end, if the perfect candidate still sends you a thank-you note, it won’t matter.

Negative Impact of Hiring Decision Based on Thank-You Note

If you hire someone just because they send a thank-you note, it is a sign of discrimination. Those who didn't send the notes probably didn't think it was important, or it was not part of the custom in their country, or something else.

This kind of thing will only drive the best one away and it will hurt your employer and your brand in the long run. Besides, it will make it harder for you to recruit new employee in the future.

When you should take a Thank-You Note into Consideration

But, there are times that a thank-you note could be taken into consideration. But, remember, it is not about the note itself, but rather about what it said.

For example, you are trying to choose between 2 equal candidates for a position. One of them sends you a thank-you note and the other one not. The note will work in the candidate favor, but still, do not make a decision based on this.

Here is another example; you are trying to choose between 2 sales candidates. Both send you a thank-you note, where the first one send a standard note and the second candidate send an enthusiastic and engaging note.

Remember that you need a salesperson and a salesperson supposed to be someone who could engage and convince everyone. The second candidate seems so much better in this matter, based on the note. This kind of note will work in their favor, but remember, always look up for the result from the skill assessment before, and not make a decision solemnly based on this kind of note.

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