How to Optimize High Volume Recruitment



Dec 24, 2018

High-Volumn Recruit

High volume recruitment refers to an attempt to fill a large number of positions in relatively short time-frame

In order to work effectively, high volume recruitment process needs to be backed up by the right sources, good team, and an effective strategy

The challenge laid not only on the amount of position and the tight deadlines but also different cultures and background of the applicant

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Question is how do you create an effective strategy to optimize high volume recruitment? Here are a couple of tips that could help you along the way:

Be Strategic about the Use of Productive Hours and the Number of People Needed

High volume recruitment will take time that is obvious. But that doesn't necessarily means you have to add long hours at the office to meet the deadline.

Studies have shown that the top limit of effective working hours for most people is 55 hours/week. It means that those who work 70 hours/week are as productive as those who work 55 hours/week.

Based on this fact, you need to create an effective plan for the next high volume recruitment process.

One more thing, you need to make sure that you have enough people to do the work. Be ready to add key members on your team. Make sure that the people on your team are able to manage his/her responsibilities. If they can't, evaluate the reason and prepare to add more people to join the team.

Use the Right Technology to Assist the Entire Process

Make the most of technology to assist you in this high volume recruitment process. AI technology could help you a great deal, especially in automation.

AI-based recruitment software such as TalentMind will help to automate the screening process and filter the candidate based on the requirements. The same software also able to auto-create candidate profiles from emails and social media analysis result.

Using the right technology will free your team members to tackle the more high-level of the process.

Be Prepare to Work with People from Different Background

Diversity in the workplace is in rage right now. The concept refers to bringing people from different background into the same workplace.

As the recruiter that responsible for this high volume recruitment, you and your team need to be ready to deal with people from different background.

If you plant to hiring people from around the globe, take some time to learn about expectation, culture, and common hiring practices in each country. This way, you can create the perfect approach and snatch the best talent from all around the world to meet up with the diversity expectation.

High Volume Recruitment Ecosystem

There are a couple of things about high volume recruitment ecosystem that you should take into consideration, such as:

- Make sure that the job application is mobile friendly so it will be able to reach more people

- Recruit people from the most likely platform such as LinkedIn if you are looking for professional people, Reddit if you are looking for a designer, and so on

- Go to the resume database of previous employer or candidate to find the perfect match

Be flexible, adaptive, and keep up-to-date with the current technology to optimize high volume recruitment process and at the same time save time and money without losing those great candidates.

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