Here’s How to Encourage Employee in Networking Skills



Dec 21, 2018


If we comprehend it further, which one is more important: networking with many people at the same time or just a few qualified people? Certainly, the former statement would also be an essential thing. But, we need to realize that, since centuries ago, networking is something fundamental.

However, there's a difference in the past to the present theory. If in the past it's prioritized to create networking with influenced people, this time, it's also crucial to associate with others outside your field of work.

Let's imagine the networking in a hiring talent market. Absolutely, those who have the connection with the employers would notice earlier the job vacancy. Thus, they would catch the opportunity quicker than anyone else. Beneficial, isn't it?

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Network Opens Up the Opportunity

In accordance with that, the positive impact of networking also reveals an attracting fact. Almost 60 percent of all job vacancies in the US isn't acquired through the conventional recruitment channel but by the informal contacts.

Furthermore, a Harvard sociologist and the author of Getting A Job: A Study of Contacts and Careers claimed that the informal connection holds into 75 percent of all successful candidate seeking process. What could be the reason? The "referral hiring" system saves the time and - most importantly - budget.

It's similar to the practice of AI in the recruitment process that delivers everything more effective and efficient. Let's say TalentMind the software innovation that would be the future of recruitment system worldwide.

How to Encourage Employee in Networking

Examining the explanations above, it's obvious that every employee must concede how to establish networking. Here are some tricks:

- Give Them Chance

There would always be some events for the HR professionals to gather on a particular occasion. When this happens, give time to your employee to attend the event and meet new people.

It's a good thing to attend events like this because we can discover unexpected networking. Not only in a formal event but perhaps the networking could occur when you are relaxing on the weekend or come to your favorite sports clubs.

- Know How to Brand Yourself

Also, it's crucial to understand how to act while attending an event or introducing yourself to new people. Therefore, you need to educate your employees the proper way to introduce and brand themselves. Make it short but interesting.

Mostly, the standard sentence for a good introduction is 8 seconds in length. Within that period, your employee must be able to deliver the message about his value in 20 words.

- Reciprocal Concept

Going consistent is the key to doing anything successfully, including networking. Don't expect good networking if you just come once or twice to a community event.

Thus, show your consistency by attending the events constantly. By doing this, people would notice you as a determined person. It means there is a reciprocal concept applied here. So, when you sacrifice something, you would receive something in return from the unexpected way.

- Give Initiative

Don't expect networking is merely about meeting and exchanging information. Furthermore, you need to support them in any way you can. For example, you could introduce your referral related to someone's company, or even share an interesting article.

These ways would place you in a convincing bargaining position as a resourceful person. Also, never overly self-promote yourself of your status or achievement. This is a waste of time and makes everyone won't be interested to know you further.

By identifying how to brand yourself properly with a short and memorable introduction, also with your handy attitude, you could establish wide networking. It's not always about the profit, but knowing others from across division would be your long-term benefit.

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