Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace, How Would It Be?



Dec 19, 2018


Artificial Intelligence technology is getting real. 2018 is departing and this is no longer merely a concept, but getting more sensible. Hence, the business and company owners are considering AI as part of their strategy.

Actually, this could be seen since 2017. In a symposium at Orlando, Gartner Vice President David Cearley admitted that AI is one of the most promising technologies. The algorithm within the machine could understand the usual task of human in a perfect way.


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How Is the Application in the Workplace?

Becoming more real, AI would soon become a part of your workplace elements. Furthermore, they would conduct the duty just like your colleagues. In accordance with that, let's see the examples below:

- SAP CoPilot, the Digital Assistant

SAP, the world's leading software company, applied the SAP CoPilot as their digital assistant in accommodating the business elements like the contract initiator and collaboration with the colleagues. It means the questions from the consumers could be answered by the application in the smartphone.

Apparently, the goal is to reduce the long and manual interactions in finishing a job. By the virtual robot and AI technology, they could process the language, statistic, and learn many new things.

Moreover, from the informal language from the human, SAP CoPilot could process it as the action and clear, structured, and clear analysis completed with the data.

- Deloitte: AI Managing the Contract

The business consultant company as big as Delloite has adopted AI as the supportive part in analyzing the contract. Every day, AI could read thousands of documents and analyze it flawlessly.

According to one of the directors in Deloitte, AI enables them to analyze the document and contract faster and extract the key features within it.

Surprisingly, their AI technology could be adjusted to the low-cost budget. How? They did the experiment with the third party to manage the AI according to the demand.

- AISense, Smart Transcription

The third example could be seen from what the startup in Silicon Valley developed in 2016, AISense. This technology could record the voice within a meeting with the Ambient Voice Intelligence. So, the client could collect the complete transcript quickly.

Moreover, this technology could record the application from the smartphone. By applying the AISense, you can trace the conversation based on the keywords. What could be easier?

- ServiceChannel, Managing the Restaurants

The restaurant company Bloomin' Brands who have a thousand restaurants employ the AI to facilitate them in analyzing the needs, fixing the tools, and managing the operator. Furthermore, the company could utilize the ServiceChannel to manage their current facility and identify future initiatives.

- Acculation, Inc.

A data analysis and consultant company, Acculation, uses the AI to analyze the policy regarding social media. Thus, based on the algorithm and AI analysis, they could create the content automatically.

- Branded Bots

The marketing strategy company, MESH, collaborating with Not Rocket Science has released Branded Bots, the AI application that enhance the identity from certain brands through various channel and platform. Let's say from Alexa, Siri, IBM Watson, a smartphone application, and also the social media.

One of the companies adopting the Branded Bots is Milo Ag from the agriculture industry. They manage the AI as the personal assistant to give the advice regarding the sales, regulation, weather, or anything. Thus, the employee could take the decision efficiently.

Some of these technologies are just a few from many utilization of AI in the workplace. If it's related to recruitment, TalentMind is a great example of how AI obtains the process easier.

So, which AI would be part of your workplace in the future?

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