How a CV will Look Like in the Future?



Dec 18, 2018


Compare a CV from decades ago to the one you have right now! There is not much difference between both. Basically, we still use the same format with very little change. Well, what about in the future? Do you think a CV in a decade from now on will look different?

That should be obvious. The advanced technology has brought so many changes on our lives and it will affect the face of the future CV, making it easier, especially for the recruiter, to screen thousands of CV to find the right candidate for the job.

A future CV could have these characteristics:

Visual Timeline

A future CV will come up in the form of a visual timeline. It will be easier for the recruiter to look for the relevance of each candidate with the requirement of the job. It also will cut short the screening process time.

Clear and Tangible Metric

With thousands of CV to analyze, the recruiter prefers to have clear and tangible metrics on each CV. For example, they want to see the kind of achievement that the candidate has and how he achieves it. It will provide a clear value of the things that the candidate could offer to the company.

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Working remotely is a common thing right now. An employee could finish his task thousands of miles from the company he worked to. What it has to do with future CV?

The future CV will have no problem to adapt itself to the country practices, common ways of doing things, and that includes the language it uses. It is very possible that the recruiter will be able to see a CV in the preferred language without any effort by the candidate.


What is the main rule of writing a CV? Keep it clear and straight to the point. The future CV will be more than that. It allows the recruiter to take a deeper look at certain information on the CV without messing up the whole section.

Personal and Relevant

A CV that has no relevant information with the job requirement will be tossed away. This will be no longer the case in the future. The future CV will automatically show only the experience and skill that relevant to the job.

It gives a candidate a better chance to build a CV that is far more personal and set them apart from the rest of the candidates.


Is it really important to know the candidate name and have his/her picture on a CV?

It seems like that the future CV will have no need for that information, not until the recruitment process has taken the next stage or until both parties reach an agreement. This is a matter of privacy, which has become increasingly crucial in the last couple of years.

The future CV will have a different characteristic with the one we have right now. Both the candidate and recruiter should be fully prepared with this change. Making use the available technology such as applicant tracking system and AI-based recruitment software such as TalentMind is the first step to take.

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