How Human and AI Work Together as Partner?



Dec 17, 2018


We live in an era where chatbot, digital assistant, self-driving car, and everything else that involves the use of AI has become something common. The increasing use of chatbot both for personal and professional usage at the workplace has transforms HR in every kind of industry around the world.

Many companies have used AI to automated work process and it does increase work productivity, but it won’t last for long. Research has shown that the best result comes when human and machine (AI) working together, side by side as a partner. This collaboration brought the best of both and this is exactly the kind of thing that every business need.

But, how does this whole thing of human and AI work together was supposed to work? This is how it goes:

1. Identifying Part of the Job that Could be Transformed by AI

The McKinsey Global Institute stated that fewer than 5% of occupation can be entirely automated, but 60% occupation could have 30% or more of their activities automated. HR people need to identify which job that could be automated fully, and what job that should be re-designed by machine learning and AI?

Here is an example of how HR people can re-design a job by machine learning and AI. They can use AI based recruitment software such as TalentMind to work on the screening process and sort out the best candidate to be interviewed by the HR manager. It will cut short the usually long and boring screening process, and cut down the cost as well.

2. Understanding three top roles of human worker

There are three top and crucial roles that the human worker has when working side by side with AI and machine. First, they need to train and program the machine to work certain task: second, they need to explain the outcomes of those tasks especially the controversial and counterproductive result; and the last one, they need to sustain and maintain the responsible use of the machine.

3. Explore the potential area where AI could be applied

AI has a lot of potentials. It can be applied in all sort of industry, working on a different kind of task, and everything else. But what is the most potential area where AI could be applied right now? There are a couple of possibilities here, and they are:

 - Transform talent acquisition with AI.

AI has changed the face of hiring and recruitment process. HR people should focus more on the critical jobs in the company and use data to assist in talent sourcing.

 - AI to help employee navigate their career

It can be done using an internal mobile platform to track down the employee career, achievement, passion, and skill; inform the employee about the available internal roles that will help to build their career; let the employee know about a training that could help improve their skill, and so on. It basically will help the employee to keep moving and growing.

 - AI for a better employee communication.

Shockingly, most employees are more comfortable using chatbot to get the information they need, when they need it. Chatbot could provide a personal answer to employee question such as how much bonuses that I will get or where to report sexual harassment?

Sooner or later, AI will be an integral part of working life, so it was obvious that company and organization leader need to be fully prepared to build the foundation where human and AI can work together beautifully.

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