HR Technology Trends in 2019



Dec 12, 2018

Digital transformation affects every single industry worldwide and that includes the human resources industry. Digital transformation provides technological solutions that will become HR technology trends in 2019.

What kind of technological solutions that we are talking about here? Here they are:

Sexual Harassment Training using VR Software

Sexual harassment is a problem in the real world. Despite the sexual harassment policy the company has, it is not really working as it should be. The fact is, many women, and men are still being sexually harassed in their workplace.

The traditional sexual harassment training using video, text, and slideshow are not effective. The use of VR software was supposed to break the deadlock and improve the quality of sexual harassment training. 2019 is the year where VR software will take off, with great hope that it will solve the sexual harassment problem, or at the very least minimize it.

Increasing Use of AI Technology in the Recruitment Process and HR Operations

One of the biggest problems during the recruitment process is unconscious bias and discrimination. Bias and discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, and age will not serve a company’s goal that wishes to increase diversity to improve its performance.

How to remove unconscious bias and discrimination from the hiring process? The answer is technology. There are a variety of recruiting, assessment, and applicant screening tools that HR personnel can use to remove unconscious bias.

Take TalentMind for example. TalentMind is AI-driven recruiting software to help companies with the recruitment process. The applicant will be screened based on their capabilities, skills, and other parameters set up by the company, not based on their race and gender, which means there will be no problem with unconscious bias in there.

On the other hand, AI technology or artificial intelligence will get more portions to increase productivity, improve internal workflow, analyze data, improves employee experience, and so on.

AI-embedded HR tools will help greatly to reduce the amount of human power needed to perform a job effectively. It will go a long way to increase productivity and allow the human worker to concentrate on something else.

HR Technology to Improve Employee Engagement

There are many ways to improve employee engagement and using HR technology is one of those. When the employees are feeling engaged and valued, they will be more dedicated and enthusiastic to their job, coworker, and company.

What kind of technology that HR personnel can use for this purpose? Employee engagement software to track feedback from employees and recognize employee achievement is an example of HR technology. It will provide valuable data that can be used to take appropriate action, which will make the employee feel valued and appreciated.

Provide Comprehensive Solutions that Focus on Employee’s Physical, Mental, and Financial Health

This is another HR technology trend in 2019. Companies are more focused to provide a comprehensive solution that involves technology to focus on employee’s physical, mental, and financial health.

Supporting physical, financial, and also employee’s mental health is part of the strategy to improve employee engagement. A full support such as this one will help employees to be much more productive which will do well for everyone.

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