HR in the Future: AI or Not AI?



Dec 11, 2018


Possibly it's no longer a delusion, but the organization leaders and HR staffs are ready to welcome the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. What's the goal, anyway? Absolutely, to enhance the company's performance and conduct the new experience for the employees.

In 2017, IBM conducted a survey for 6,000 executives about how cognitive computing could change the HR and employee experience. In fact, more than half of them, 66 percent suggests the significant impact.

Therefore, the technology like AI could change the dimensional aspect from HR. Also, 54 percent others suppose the impact would influence the key role within the company recruitment.

Does it all befall in the same line? Certainly no.

Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) reported in 2017, 52 percent of the respondent felt like they won't embrace the AI to their company for at least five years later.

Well, what are the reasons? They thought the company isn't that big that requires AI; on the other hand, the senior decision maker won't consider any new technology like AI.

AI's Significance

Even though not every company is familiar with this particular technology, apparently, there are so many positive impacts. Moreover, if the technology exists to make everything easier, considering AI as the innovation is a good thing.

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What are the impacts?

Better First Day of Work

Imagine yourself, as an employee on the first day of work and everyone seems indulged in their own duties. Moreover, asking a simple question like the desk of someone might be an annoying situation.

But with AI, they would know the system that could tell you everything needed in the first-day work. This would make the adaptation process far easier and faster.

Job Classification

HR's job scope is really complex. But, AI could accommodate to classify that matter hence the faster and easier process. For example, just like how IBM with their IBM Watson successfully adapts the AI, for the subjects like:

-Vacation Request

-Recruitment Process

-Team Training

Take Over the Repetitive Tasks

Whether you've realized it or not, there are so many repetitive tasks in the office not requiring any specific skill. It's called "repetitive, low-value add tasks." The highlight is, AI could take over that task and save you more time.

By doing this, the employees could allocate their time to research the creative idea or doing a strategic duty that would have a bigger impact on the company's performance.

New Recruitment Tool

If Russian robot is the future job interviewer, this might also be applied in your company. In accordance with that, the AI would arrange the automated interview schedule with hundred of candidates quickly.

Furthermore, the technology could map the strategic issue in the recruitment world and attain the innovation within. Hence, the deeper the understanding is, the company could offer the digital recruitment system with a distinctive value than others. For instance, you can see how AI helps the recruitment process in TalentMind.

No More Bias

Admit it, getting rid of bias from a recruitment staff toward a particular candidate is a complicated thing. It is so human. But with AI, they could arrange the algorithm with no bias hence the objective communication with the candidate.

Resigned Employee? No Problem

Another positive impact from AI is by allowing the company not dependent on an employee in managing the data. So far, the company often gets overwhelmed when a particular employee in a vital position resigned.

Worry no more, AI could store the data accessed by that employee for at least one month. By this data, AI would do the analysis according to the usual pattern. Thus, the transition to the new employee would be a lot easier.

Interestingly, AI could also identify a difference in your working pattern. If there's any changing activity or pattern of communication, they would predict if you ever think of resigning.

Obviously, there are many impacts from AI that would make it accessible for the company in achieving the success. Perhaps, the candidate management by AI would be the future of the company.

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