Business World 2019: Transformation goes Pragmatic



Dec 10, 2018


2018 is coming to an end and the year of 2019 is looming ahead. What kind of change that will happen in 2019, especially in the business world? One thing for sure, transformation goes pragmatic, at least that is what Forrester Research’s report has to say.

In 2018, most companies dream big and create strategic ambition that they want to achieve in the same year. The rapid change of IT landscape and external pressure are the reasons why companies come up with those ambitions.

But unfortunately, things didn’t go well. These strategic ambitions are difficult to work with. It is difficult, there is not enough resource, it is costly, and it also had to deal with cultural resistance. It only brings the realization that digital transformation is not easy.

But things are going to change soon in 2019; at least that is what Forrester Research says. The report from Forrester Research addresses the gap between IT ambition and execution in 2018 and also predicts what will happen in 2019.

In essence, Forrester Research reported that 2019 is the year where transformation goes pragmatic.

Pragmatic here refers to practical steps, a sense of realism, and also a desire for tangible outcomes.

So, what kind of pragmatic effort most companies will have to deal with in 2019?

RPA and AI Technology will get a bigger portion in the work field

Companies around the world will use more RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the work field. Automation and AI bring the risk of job loss to human worker due to a lesser need of physical manpower.

But it could be avoided using a perfect approach. What happens right now is the talent scarcity. Companies need to work on two things:

- Preparing the worker for digital transformation by providing appropriate training

- Using AI to acquire qualified AI talent.

This is where companies will apply AI to the recruitment process to cut short the long and tedious process of traditional recruitment. By using a program such as TalentMind, a simplified AI-driven recruiting software, companies will get the perfect employees that fit their need in no time.

Human expertise will get its own place in 2019

AI is a wonderful technology; it works great in analyzing data, capable of recognizing a pattern, taking an automated decision, and everything else between. But one thing that it was lack of is human reasoning capabilities.

This is where human expertise is needed. Human and machine need to work side by side as a team to achieve a better result where the human expert will de-risk AI action, and at the same time teach AI how to do a better job and avoid any ethical and moral issue, as well as taking a bad decision.

AI builds a foundation

AI will grow even better in the year 2019 because:

- Companies will put more attention on Information Architecture (IA). By addressing data problem and build a better IA, they will be able to create a worthy data environment before start using AI.

- The ability to explain and audit AI will be so much better in the future. This way, more leaders will trust AI and applied it in their business and customer experience.

The transformation that goes pragmatic in 2019 will be so much more than that. For whatever change that will happen in the future, companies need to be prepared and take necessary precaution right away.

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