5 Things to do to keep your Top Performer from Quitting



Dec 9, 2018


Find out how to keep your top performer happy, or else they will decide to quit the job and move to your competitor company.

You know exactly the kind of effort that it took to recruit a top talent. It was an exhausting process and it will better to prevent it from happening again in the not so far future. It means you need to keep watching the top performer you already have and try to keep them happy so they won’t quit the job.

How to do that? Remember that you are dealing with the top performer. Do not treat them the same way you deal with underperforming employees because they have different need, aspirations, and challenges

Here are 5 things that you can do to keep your top performer from quitting:

Let them know how much you and the company valued them

Have you already showed them how much you and the company valued their effort all this time? Everyone needs to be acknowledged, especially those top performers.

Give them more bonuses, bigger projects to handle, and more opportunities to be involved in the company. Give this feedback privately or publicly, depend on how they more likely to accept it.

Create a visible career path

The top performers who didn’t know that there is a chance for them to reach the top ladder will be highly disappointed and look the other way. You can avoid this by creating a visible career path and let them know about it. It will motivate them to perform even better to reach the top sooner.

Give them the support to become expert on what they do

What is your top performer really good at? Do not expect that your top performer will do well on everything.

Focus on what they are good at, give them the support and tools they need to become expert on it. Focus on sharpening this asset and they will be grateful for everything.

More challenges ahead

Being busy is way much better than bored. In most time, the top talents are looking for a new challenge, something that will keep them busy. Do not give them the same task again and again.

Give them more challenges, something to do, something that was a little bit different from the project before, and make sure they know that there is still more to come in the future. Knowing that there are so many exciting things waiting in the future will make a top performer stay where they are.

Validate their expertise by giving them the chance to share their story and knowledge to others

How do you validate your top performer expertise? Why don’t you encourage them to be a mentor, a teacher, or an instructor? Give them a chance to share their story, share their knowledge, or teaching the new employee in the office.

This simple strategy brings a lot of advantages. The new employees will get the chance to learn from the expert, and your top performer is actually will learn so much more when teaching someone else.

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