Change the Way You Communicate and become a More Confident Leader



Dec 7, 2018


Do you want to sound like a more confident leader? Change the way you communicate with others and give the vibe of a confident, strong, and credible leader.

What kind of change that you can make to become a confident leader? You can do a lot and you can start it from the way you communicate with others.

Remember that communication skill is essential, no matter what your role is. As a leader, a good communication skill is a must. Make some small changes in the way you talk or convey a message to other people and slowly build it up as a habit will have a great impact on your credibility and confidence as a leader.

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Here are small things to change in the way you communicate to project a strong and confident leader image:

Replace “Sorry” with “thank you for your patience” for a delayed response

Saying “I am sorry” repeatedly will do nothing other than projects self-doubts.

Many people saying “Sorry for the delayed response”, even if they still respond in the same day.

This is not what a leader will do. If you are unable to respond within a reasonable time frame, do not say sorry, instead, say “Thank you for your patience to wait while I gathered the information to make a decision”

So, when to say sorry? When you make a mistake, admit it, say you are sorry, and do something to fix it.

Recognize your accomplishment and the praise people give you

What have you accomplished all this time?

A confident leader recognizes his/her accomplishment and acknowledges everyone else that was involved in it. If people praise you about the accomplishment you had made, do not shy away from it. Accept the praise and say thank you.

Recognizing your accomplishment will build your confidence from within while accepting people praise will project the image of a well composed and confident person.

Replace “I am busy” with “I am focused”

Do you have tons of work to do today? Well, many people are and everyone will respond the same way by saying “I am busy”

Busy sounds a little bit vague. It also could mean that you don’t have control for your daily work. This is not good.

If you want to sound like a confident leader, clearly state your priorities. Do not say “I am busy” but say “I am focused on developing a new marketing plan for the company”

Between those two sentences, which one that you think sounds better and more confident?

Learn to say “No”

Saying “No” is a difficult skill to master. As a leader, you need to learn this skill. You need to know when to say no and how to say it.

For example, your company receives a new offer to expand your business to a different kind of industry. You and everyone else agree not to accept this offer. What will you say?

Say no, that is obvious. But be more specific and clear about it. One more thing, say “don’t” instead of “can’t”.

When you say can’t, it means you have a limit to your abilities. But when you say don’t, it show that you have the power to choose.

So say “We don’t work on a different kind of industry” instead of “We can’t work in a different industry”.

One more thing to do to become a more confident leader is to stand tall. This is a simple psychological trick. Stand tall and keep a good posture. It will help you maintain self-esteem, increase positive mood, and of course brought out the image of a confident person.

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