What is the Best Strategy on Leading through Change



Dec 6, 2018


As a leader, how do you help your people to get through the change? Leading through change is not easy but it will keep your organization and company stay afloat.

The only constant thing in our life is change. Change happens all the time both in personal and professional life. Organizational change can be good and it can be bad. But the one thing for sure is that change leads to uncertainty. Most people didn’t feel comfortable with uncertainty, and it will make them resist the change.

Resistance to Organizational Change

Why do some people resist organizational change? Understanding why they resist the change will give you the clue on how to lead them through it all.

To understand this, you need to put yourself in their position. If your bosses come up with the news that the company was shifting focus from point A to point B, or that the company will start using artificial intelligence that will help to diversify the way people think, what you will feel? You will feel the loss.

What kind of loss?

- Loss of control since you don’t have any say to the things that lead the change

- Loss of pride because it means you won’t use the system that you had developed all this time

- Loss of time because the change will force you to do extra work in order to understand all that

- Loss of familiarity. In some cases, you have to start all over again with something new

- Loss of competence. It means, you are no longer the expert on this new field and that could hurt your pride

If you feel the loss of all that, will you still embrace the change? Most people don’t and that is why you need to learn how to lead everyone through the change.

3 Stages on Helping People get Through the Change

To lead your people getting through the change, you need to work on these 3 stages:

- Honor the loss

A new beginning means the end of something. You and your people will lose something. Acknowledge this and honor the loss.

Do something to memorize the thing that will be lost to the organization. Create a memorabilia or simply have a ceremony for the past. It will give people something to remember and something to be proud of from their past.

- Address each component of the loss

This is the adjustment period. Everyone will lose something and you should know who is losing what. Acknowledge it and do something about it. If the change means one of your people will have to move into a new position with new responsibilities, talk to him. Let them know personally that you understand their loss and how hard it will be to take on a new role. Stay in there to support this person and earn their respect

- Start something new

This is the last stages of going through a change. Create a fun and positive experience for everyone. Celebrate the changes, give praise for the new technology that finally arrived, and do everything to make your people proud of this change.

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