Formulate the Passionate Working Culture



Dec 4, 2018

Working Culture

Working passionately is the highlight of today's article. What is the urgency, anyway? When the employees and all the elements involved in a company have a similar passion to be successful, the positive culture will be amplified.

It's also possible the culture will make everyone in the office feeling satisfied and loyal to the company. Each of them feels happy, and in accordance with that, the company will be successful.

Likewise, a study from Columbia University confirmed that the turnover rate in the company with a rich culture is just around 13,9 percent. In contrary, the company with lack of culture has 48,4 percent turnover rate. The difference is surprisingly significant.

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Company Identity

Moreover, this is the identity that will represent the company. By this culture, the spirit, value, and vision will be equal to everyone.

Furthermore, with a positive company culture, the employee satisfaction will be higher. When they feel satisfied and comfortable, the economist from the University of Warwick, England, revealed that they will be 12 percent more productive while working.

How to Formulate the Culture?

Certainly, it's not happening within days. You need consistency and commitment to generating it. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Define the Culture

First and foremost, every company has a different culture. Define your own company culture specifically. Once you've found out, socialize it to all company elements to be on the same track.

Is that enough? Absolutely no. When the company culture has been formulated, you still need to perform some changes to a better situation. Thus, this is the beginning and most critical step in establishing the company culture.

2. Appreciation

This term, even though seems manageable, actually it could drive all employees in work significantly. The appreciation from the bosses of what they do will make them respected and valued, and above all, determines their satisfaction.

This is what you must implement in the company, to give appreciation and motivation within the team. Of course, it doesn't need to be formal. Most importantly, form a positive mood within the company.

3. Deeper Bonding

The employees engage each other in a frequent intensity each day. Hence, their relationship isn't just merely between coworkers. Similarly, develop a deeper bonding by the company's programs that will make them know each other more in a different approach.

For instance, manage the outing getaway, games, or football competitions. This will generate a positive and deeper bonding with one another.

4. Self Care

Without a healthy condition, the employee can't be productive as they should be. Hence, make sure that they can do the self-care and the company needs to provide the facility to accomplish it. Let's say with a gym membership, flexible working schedule, and many more.

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Determine the Goal

Involve all the elements within a company to achieve the goal so that they will feel needed and important. This will also encourage them to contribute wholeheartedly to the company.

Also remember, the positive company culture won't happen just within days. Therefore, it requires hard work and participation from all elements in the company, no matter who it is. When they are in the same track and culture perception, the positive workplace will be formulated easily.

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