Trick to Make Employee Thinks “Out of the Box”



Dec 3, 2018


Owning a multitalented employee that is able to finish all the jobs perfectly is a precious asset for the company. Usually, they are the workers who never tired scanning for a new challenge outside the comfort zone.

We have to admit, such competence doesn't belong to everyone. Mostly, it is related to those who have A+ quality. Certainly, the company aspires to retain him to work with them and avoid the job boards outside.

Furthermore, it's common that such valuable asset is prone to be hijacked from other companies with a higher compensation. Do you want to avoid this? Therefore, you need to give "constraints" to them, forcing them to think out of the box.

What kind of constraints?


The excellent employee could finish the project in an efficient time frame and shorter period compared to others.

Nevertheless, it's still necessary to implement the deadline for those as a form of appealing challenge. For instance, if there's a job with a one-month deadline, ask him what would he do to finish it in only three weeks.

Essentially, there are many questions that could be the parameter to test the top employee. One of them is by asking what will he or she do to ensure everything is going smoothly when they have to be on leave for three months for pregnancy or promotional period.


Likewise, this factor is also essential in determining the success of the company. Moreover, there are hundreds of failed startups due to the financial issue. Above all, it's not only about the unlimited budget for the company, but how to invest a framework to work with efficient resources.

Give the challenge to finish a project with a limited budget but still emphasizing effective result. Also, you can deliver the questions like how to create a product with 25% fewer components, how to finish the project with a half budget, etc.

Remember, the constraint will eventually generate creative innovations. Necessity is the mother of invention, apparently not just a tagline. By applying this, they will think deeper and become more creative in solving a job.

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How could the expertise become a constraint for excellent employee mentioned above? The answer is by experimenting with their idea when they are in a powerful position.

Let's say, question them what will he do if they are a CEO and have the authority to change something from this company. Similarly, ask how he will manage a team with new members with novice capabilities.

Room for Argumentation

Normally, when there is an employee with a prime capability, people are much likely to green light their ideas. However, the constraint is still needed. For example, by exercising the idea with the cases that might happen.

As an illustration, challenge him to have an argument with the ideas. Even when you realize that the final result is a "yes", but apply the constraint by these questions.

Let's say, how would he explain the approach to people who communicate with another language? Likewise, how would he ensure that the innovation will be beneficial for a long-term and for the team you're leaving behind, not only for the current situation?

Seems complicating? Apparently no. These constraints will develop a space for the excellent employee to grow and tackle all the challenges.

It seems to limit the situation by these four constraints. But in fact, what you are doing is motivating the team to find out of the box ideas, leading to other doors of success.

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