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Dec 1, 2018

Great Manager

Two decades ago, perhaps Google isn't a familiar thing like today. It's not exaggerating to say that for now, there's no day without accessing Google. Agreed to this point?

No wonder, Google has become the largest entity of the biggest tech companies in the world. Not only providing the search engine but Google also often conducts the project related to recruitment field. Let's say the Google's Project Oxygen, observing the traits of a great manager.

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Certainly, the 10 characteristics of great manager in Google version is valid and based on research, not just the assumption. They acquired it from the data analysis and survey with inclusive and representative respondents.

What are they?

A Good Teacher

Definitely, the employees will look up to the manager as the place to learn, practice, and ask. Regardless of how excellent the performance of a manager is, he still needs a manager to guide him. Above all, letting the employees do everything themselves with no feedback will decline their career.

Motivate the Team

Harvard Business Review article in 2013 mentioned that the frequent mistake of a manager is doing the micromanaging and didn't motivate the team.

In fact, this is really essential, especially related to trust to the employees. For example, give them a cool project to show that they are ready to execute that.

Building Inclusive Working Environment

Another characteristic of a great manager is giving attention to the team members, regardless of the background. A manager must not bias in treating the employees hence the effective teamwork.

It means, what is required is not just an inclusive team in the office. Most noteworthy, the manager must create an inclusive working environment every single time.


It's impossible the employees will be motivated to work for a lazy boss. Likewise, they will choose to join a productive team with a passionate leader.

Hence, a manager must be the role model for the team. If he is enthusiastic about presenting the best for the company, the team members will contribute the best effort too.

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The key to teamwork in a company is communication. This is the role of the manager, to listen and share the information with all members. Therefore, communicating effectively is the basic characteristic to be a great manager.

When the manager is willing to listen to his team, they will feel honored. Furthermore, this will bring them to another positive impact, which is commitment.

Support for Career Development

Absolutely, employees want to have a development in their career. In accordance with that, the manager has the responsibility to guide and discuss their performance. Also, he has to tell what to be improved and developed.

Don't hesitate to deliver honest feedback to help them portray the target in a specific way. By doing this, the manager would be the one that they can count on.

Clear Vision

Most importantly, the manager must have a precise vision and strategy to be executed by the team. A manager must be able to discuss this to everyone involved. Similarly, affirm it clearly so that the employees will have the same perception and strategy to be accomplished together.

Technical Skill

Not only the managerial skill of a company, indeed a manager must have the above the average technical skill to help the team whenever there is a problem. Thus, a manager can support and contributes.

Good Collaboration

Not only in the internal team, but the cross-division collaboration is also essential for a manager. Whether it's a big scale company, startup, or non-profit organization, this is crucial.

Strong Decision Maker

Not only listening and sharing the information, but a manager must also be able to make a good decision. Certainly, every decision must be explained to the team, what is the reason that triggered him to take that decision.

The lists above released by Google at the first place. But it doesn't mean that the managers from other companies can't implement the same thing. Learn the positive lesson, and prove that you are a great manager.

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