10 Things Motivate the Employees (Not Merely the Money)



Nov 29, 2018


It's indeed valid that the employees work in a company to get paid. On the other hand, their presence is critical for the company to define success.

This time, there are 10 things motivate the employees to enjoy their time in your company. Interestingly, not everything is related to money. Apparently, it's not about the financial compensation whatsoever.

What are they? Here's the review.

Personal Connection

This is the most essential but often overlooked by the company. In fact, there's nothing wrong to associate the employee deeper and develop the personal connection with each other. Therefore, share with others and be open.

Maybe this is a bit awkward when you just joined the company and still not getting used to the environment. Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong to socialize and involved in the organization.

Working Environment

The positive working environment will increase the employee's satisfaction. Please keep in mind, they come to the office every day for at least 5 times a week. Hence, building a positive working environment will make them feel better to spend hours there.

Also, avoid the drama and settle any problem as soon as possible. Everyone involves in the environment must understand how to respect each other.

Schedule Flexibility

Apparently, schedule flexibility is really valuable for the employees. In accordance with that, they can manage the responsibility as worker and family commitment. Hence, give them the flexibility to conduct both roles without disadvantaging one another.

By doing this, the employees will respect the time and company by allocating the maximum focus during working. Besides, working remotely from home also could be a good option if it's possible. Especially, when there's sick family member or unexpected bad weather.

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Vacation Period

Perhaps not many companies apply the equal benefit for vacation period to the working performance. It means, there's nothing wrong by providing the additional vacation period for those who just finished a big project.

No need to worry about the working flow whenever one employee is on leave. If the control system is well-planned, the systematic workflow won't be too difficult to execute.

Unpaid Leave

If the additional vacation period is not possible for your company, perhaps it's time to consider the unpaid leave. The period might be longer for those who need refreshment. Above all, the company might give this to those who achieved the target.

Great Responsibility

Most noteworthy, this is a significant factor for the employee, by giving the responsibility and freedom to accomplish the workflow with their own preference. Certainly, the higher a position is, the bigger the responsibility it would be. Also, it shows the trust to the employees.

Hear the Feedback

Accept the suggestion and feedback from the employees and provide them the scope to express it. Especially, when there's a complicated situation in the company. Furthermore, requesting for their suggestion and feedback will show how precious they are for the company's development.

Growing Together

Growing together professionally will also accommodate the employees to be passionate about their job. For example, you can do this by handling a periodical meeting to hear the short and long-term plan from them.

Furthermore, it's not just about the employees. The bosses and managers also need to do the same. Thus, they will feel belonged and growing together professionally with the company.

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Sharing Internal Information

When the employees notice the internal information from the company, they will consider themselves as a critical part of an entity. Besides, sharing information will make them feel valued and trusted.

Cool Project

By the enthusiasm from all employees and bosses, it's possible for all of you to handle a cool project. Thus, consign this challenge as their space to grow. If they could make it, it means you've successfully regenerated the capability in a proper way.

Examining these points above, it's not really about the money, salary, bonus, or other compensations. But unfortunately, this is often overlooked in the companies. Perhaps you will start it with your own approach?

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