How to Make Employees Happy Through Technology



Nov 28, 2018


A company with happy employees will provide a positive contribution to the achievement. Certainly, this is not just a myth. Moreover, there are many technologies that make us easier to find happiness and proved scientifically.

Interestingly, it's not inconceivable to objectify this goal, thanks to the evolving technology. Moreover, the positive technology method will inspire the employees to utilize the applications or technologies to obtain the meaning of life.

A professor from the University of Michigan, Christopher Peterson, mentioned it as a life worth living. Hence, in this article, we will review some technologies and applications to make a "life worth living".

Applications for Optimism

Realizing it or not, the employee who regularly writes the gratitude journals is the one who is happier and seldom feels the stress. It is revealed from the Positive Psychology study from UC Davis about "Gratitude List".

Thanks to technology, such optimism could be easier to realize. Let's say by the application like Grateful, the user can easily count their blessings.

Furthermore, there is a company who has a 30-minute meeting ritual every day for meditation with the guidance of application called "Calm". This way can accommodate them to meditate daily and lengthen the focus to their job. Conducted in a silent room, those who participated in this session will feel refreshed after 30 minutes.

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Social Media in Positive Way

Understanding our coworkers by social media can be one of the approaches in knowing them better. But definitely, we need to be wise in accessing social media. Most noteworthy, the user needs to know what to share and not to share. Essentially, be a responsible user.

To achieve that, everyone needs a mature way of thinking. If your social media contains your complaint of the pile of works and you are related to the coworkers or even boss in that platform, it's advisable to think twice before upload it.

But it would be different if you upload another version of your life, the useful and exciting one. Let's say an employee who has a healthy lifestyle and often uploads the healthy menu on Instagram. By doing this, he or she could inspire others to join the healthy lifestyle.

Essentially, it's not about the content, but the engagement and information that you give. If this could be fulfilled, it means that you've ticked off the trust one another.

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Be Honest in A Video Conference

It's also possible if your meeting must be conducted through a videoconference when all of the members can't make it meet in one place. Whenever this happens, it's possible for them to know more about their coworker beyond what's seen in the office.

Make the most of this chance to share positive and delightful things, while waiting for other members gathered in the videoconference. It might sound simple, but this kind of interaction can bring your bonding to another level.

So, there's no need to manipulate the background and leave it as it is. Be the honest person to show everything, as it should be.

By these approaches, it's proved that technology can connect you beyond the office walls. It's often said that technology often makes those close becomes far, and vice versa.

But, perceiving from this positive perspective, technology might add the value and meaningful social relationship in the office. Make technology as your assistant, not the replacement of human connections.

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