Win the Phone Job Interview by Learning the 4 Interaction Styles



Nov 27, 2018


Got a phone job interview scheduled in the next couple of days? Be prepared by learning the 4 interaction style to help you communicate better with the interviewer.

Phone job interview or phone screen is part of the screening process that you have to get through before you land the job. You must be fully prepared to show off your best professional self to potential employers. How to do that?

Preparation before Phone Job Interview

Start it by researching the company. Go to the company’s website, read their blog post, find out more about their mission statement, latest achievement, history, LinkedIn profile, the common interview question that the company use, and so on.

If you know who is going to be your interviewer, look them up. Prepare a note to record all those information to look up during the phone job interview. It will make feel more at ease because you know who you are dealing with. It also will show the potential employer your determination to work for them.

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Interaction Styles during Phone Job Interview

Now, there is also something that called interaction styles. Even during a phone call, people will interact differently.

What makes it important to learn the interaction style for your next phone job interview? By knowing these interaction styles, you will be able to respond correctly. It will put both of you at ease and able to communicate better. At the same time, it will also leave a good impression to the interviewer, which could help to get you to the next step, a face to face interview.

The 4 interaction styles that you may find during phone job interview and how to respond to it:

1. Commander

Talk in a serious tone, direct, and fast paced.

Connect with this style by giving a factual answer, straight to the point and keep it short.

2. Energizer

Full of energy, always upbeat, and shares some jokes with the interviewee.

Connect with this style by keeping up to their enthusiasm, share your passion for the job, and smile.

3. Contemplator

Talk in a calm tone, very tactful, and usually spoke at a slower pace.

Connect with this style by speak in a slower pace as well, keep it all in order, and use your logic.

4. Empathizer

Speaks with empathy, very thoughtful, and sometimes shares some personal detail about the job or the company.

Connect with this style by being humble and supportive.

Admitting the Nerves

Are you still nervous even though you already prepared yourself for the phone job interview? Do not worry. It happens all the time to everyone.

Phone job interview is harder than face to face interview. Why? Because you won’t be able to see the non-verbal cues from the interviewer such as eye contact, hand gesture, posture, and facial expression. It will be so much easier to connect to people when we can see them, and a phone call will make us lost all that advantage.

The key here is to hear not just what the interviewer say but also how they say it. Pay attention to the voice tone and speed to recognize their interaction style and respond to it.

One more thing, admitting to the nerves is okay. This way, anytime you say something off, the interviewer may chalk it off as being nervous. Do not forget to smile, because your smile will be heard by the interviewer and making a good impression.

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