Why CEOs Must Be Involved with the Recruitment Process



Nov 25, 2018


What makes the difference between having a CEO that fully involved in the recruitment process and the one that doesn’t? It makes a whole lot of difference especially in snatching the best talent out there.

Before we dig deeper into the reason why CEOS must be involved in the recruitment process and how they are going to do that, let’s take a look at the fact.

Most CEOs spend very little time in recruiting. That is the fact. In fact, they spend more time in other departments. For example, the CEOs won’t hesitate to spend hours with their sales management in order to find a way to maximize earning. A CEO who performs superb sales presentation to help close a big deal is nothing new. The CEOs will spend hours with other departments but they are rarely involved with the recruitment process, having to hand it over to the HR departments and talent leader.

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What is the reason the CEOs must involve in recruiting? Talent plan should be on top of CEO’s agenda, because “there is no business plan without a talent plan”, that is what Steve Schwarzman, CEO of The Blackstone Group stated.

A business needs the best intellectual capital to be successful and a CEO could help to lead the recruitment process that is fully measured in order to get the best available talent out there. Getting the best talent will bring more advantages to the business itself.

If that is the case, how do the CEOs do that? How do they get involved with the recruitment process without turning it into micromanaging error?

- Start with understanding the pipeline talent management

The CEOs need to understand how the pipeline talent management in their company works. Review it regularly along with the talent leaders

- Understand that recruiting is a continuous process

The best talent out there didn’t always available and not necessarily tied to when you have an opening. At the same time, those talents usually already have a job and there is always a possibility they are considering to switch the job. It means that the CEOs need to keep their eye open for top talent all the times

- Show up

Be present and show up at a college recruitment event. This is how a CEO can leverage their chance on snatching top talent out there. Prospective candidates will take notice that a CEO made time from them.

- Look for unique sources of talent</p>

The CEOs also need to encourage their talent leaders to look for unique sources of talent. Go and look at the places that other companies rarely pay attention to. Universities in small cities where the graduates will love the chance to work in other cities are an example of this unique source.

- Understand the candidate journey

Remember that recruiting is dual sales process. It is not just how the candidate sells their skill, but it is also about how the companies sell itself to the employee. The CEOs need to understand the candidate journey. Does everything run as it should be? Is there something that the companies can do to create a better candidate’s experience?

- Take the company’s talent search to the next level

How to do this? Work with the talent leaders! They must have some ideas on how to do this. It could be something about the process, technology, creativity, or the people they work with.

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