What happens to the Resume Summary?



Nov 24, 2018


What happens to the resume summary? Is this once important part of the resume is really dead or is this something that still worth to use in the middle of highly competitive work field?

Some people say that resume summary is dead and no longer needed on a resume. Is it true? A well-written resume summary will highlight the detail of people achievement and it helps to explain to the employer how well that this candidate will fit with the new position.

People have a different opinion on this matter. Some people say that resume summary is dead because it is no longer needed, while others think that resume summary is still needed.

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Why do some people think that the resume summary is dead? Most summary statements didn’t add something new to the resume, which makes it useless. A lot of people feel compelled to add a summary to their resume, which then comes out forced and not natural. This summary didn’t add the value points of the resume. It didn’t give the information that the employer need/want to know.

In the other hand, some people think that resume summary is still an important part of a resume, as long as it was well-written. The information in this summary will give the employer a better view of the candidate’s capabilities and whether they will fit in with the company. The key here is a well-written summary and not just a fluff that has no value.

The question is how does job seeker react to this? Do they have to write resume summary or not?

The thing is there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to writing a resume. People need to do what will work for them.

For those who want to include resume summary in their resume, pay attention to the value points and do not fill it with flowery word. A resume summary should explain the “how and why” along with some proof.

What kind of proof that should be put on the summary? Put something measurable. A quantified result will attract the reader interest. One more thing, remember to keep it short.

There is also a time when people should put resume summary, or more precisely, resume objective statement on a resume. When? When they are making a huge career change. Changing career from one industry to another industry is not easy. Anyone who attempts on doing that should be able to phrase their word into the resume objective statement.

They need to explain why they are making this change and show how their skill set aligns with this new career. This is really important because otherwise, it will make the employer confused. Remember to keep the statement short, be objective and specific about the skill and experience, put something measurable or quantitative result in it, how do they plan to use the skill to transition into the new role.

So, to answer the question of whether a resume summary is dead or not, the answer will depend on who will view the resume. It may or may not be dead, but as long as people phrase it carefully, there is a huge chance that it will boost the candidate’s value.

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