How “AI” Is Shaping A Brand New Hiring Process



Nov 22, 2018


It's undeniable that the hiring process for a company requires a lot of resources. Be it from the time-consuming process, budget, and also the human resources.

Moreover, Hexagon Search published the fact that most companies spent 12 percent of the candidate's salary for the hiring process. In fact, the normal number is no more than 6 percent.

But there's no need to worry, the evolving technology is here to accommodate the company in saving the budget for the recruitment process. One of them is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is ready to accompany the hiring process and save up to a hundred dollars each year.

Furthermore, a business article in LinkedIn admitted that AI is the technology with significant impact by the opinion from 35 percent of hiring managers. Here are some of the facts:

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Shortlist the Candidate

The process to pre-screen the candidate from thousand of resume to the shortlisted one is the most time-consuming process. Also, it demands full attention. But now, the AI-driven tool can support to execute the recruitment process easier matching the criteria.

Likewise, AI can assist to pre-screen the candidate since the beginning before the recruitment team really engages to their profiles. In addition, AI can review the candidate's credentials, answer questions, and measure which candidate should be shortlisted.

Interview Scheduling

Above all, scheduling an interview for the candidate is exhausting. Moreover, if the email isn't responded yet or the candidate has another question. In accordance with that, Robo Recruiter data unveiled that it needs 15 times back-and-forth sending emails between the candidate and recruitment team just to schedule one interview!

The far-from-efficient situation can be managed by AI. By doing this, the interview scheduling would be automatic without sending emails. Hence, the candidate can pick the time suitable to their schedule, and reserved in the calendar by AI. A win-win solution, right?

Engaging the Candidates

Sometimes, the hiring teams can't engage the candidate and sustain the communication amid the stack of resumes and people to contact. In fact, engaging the candidates is crucial to make sure that they won't move to another company.

Relax, and let AI do that. They can maintain communication and relation with the candidate by the automated system. Moreover, if the candidate isn't accepted, AI can include them in the talent pipeline to preserve the communication.

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Better Job Ads

When there are so many redundant questions from the candidates once they finished reading the job ad, it means the job vacancy isn't clear enough. Nevertheless, AI is here to clarify the questions, before they are even asked.

It's conducted by analyzing the previous job vacancy and FAQs. This way, AI can provide the recommendation of updates to the job ads to assure the candidates perceive the clear information.

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Never underestimate the importance of the hiring process for the company, because there's where the next future of the company reached to deal to collaborate with you. However, you shouldn't just do nothing seeing the great amount of spending on this matter.

Thus, use sophisticated technology like AI to save the budget and time. In this kind of automatic and digitalized world, it's time for the company to adopt a quicker and more affordable recruitment method than before.

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