How to Prepare for a Job Interview with a Tech Company without a Tech Background



Nov 21, 2018


Do you ever wonder if you can work with a tech company without an IT degree, or IT certification, or whatever kind of tech background? The answer is yes. Even those without tech background can score a job in a tech company.

First, you need to know the reality of the hiring process in tech companies this day. Basically, the hiring process from one company to another is pretty similar. The company run ads about an opening in their company, job seeker sends their resume, the company starts to filter the resume, recruitment test, interview, and those who are really fit in with the job opening and the company will get the job.

But some companies use a different kind of approach in the recruitment process. For example, some companies already use blockchain technology for recruitment, while other companies choose the old-fashioned way. Some companies prefer a structured interview with predictable questions, while others may come up with unique questions that don’t have any connection with the work scope (at least on the surface).

There is also something called as a “stress interview”. This is a type of work interview that was design to make a candidate uncomfortable which could lead to potentially disqualifying answer. How they do that? The interviewer may act rudely and challenge every single answer that the candidate gave. It creates a stressful environment.

Many numbers of tech company use this “stress interview” method in their recruitment process. Some companies even have an internal hiring vote where the entire member of the team will vote about whether an applicant should get hired or not.

It seems like, that most tech companies are highly concerned with how fit the applicant with their company. If the applicant really fit with the company’s culture, value, and belief, then it is most likely they will get the job, even if they don’t have a tech background.

The important question is what are you going to do if you landed a job interview with a tech company even when you don’t have any tech background?

Being qualified for the job is one thing but there are more than that to make sure you got the job. Prepare yourself more than usual. Normal interview preparation is not enough. You need to learn more than that, in this case about the company. Learn the history of the company, its value, its culture, its reputation, and achievement, and don’t forget its interview process.

Find all the information about the company that you can get. This way, you know exactly how to make yourself fit in.

Of course, there are other things that could help you get through this job interview. Sometimes, a company is interested in hiring for attitude, not just background. Show your confidence without being arrogant and learn to talk like a human instead of a robot that keeps repeating the same thing on every interview. Be persistent but know when to stop. Growing up a lot of networks wouldn’t hurt either because they can help to show you the rope and hopefully it will lead you to the job you want.

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